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11-year-old Clark Kent is breaking swimming records that Michael Phelps used to hold. The future is bright for Superman.

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COMMENT with your FAVORITE swimming game!

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  1. Cody De La Fleur
    Cody De La Fleur says:

    Whenever I see these great athletes I always think about everybody else who could do just that. If you think about it a lot of these young prodigies have had the opportunity to do a lot of their passions their whole life. I mean if I had started swim training at 6 months like Clark Kent then I’m sure I would be top of the line too. Not even just sports, all kids who have done great things at young ages just had pot luck and got parents who were able to give them the chance. If I were 8 and you gave me all the parts to build a computer and a tutorial on how to do it I.e YouTube video then I’m quite sure I could build one and say I built a PC at 7 years old and it truly wouldn’t be all that impressive. So my congratulations and respect goes to the parents for giving this kid the opportunity, and giving him something that many other just don’t have.


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