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Osmo Pocket up the Angels Landing in the Zion National Park, truly one of the most dangerous and insane hikes I’ve ever undertaken. How more people don’t fall is beyond me. I went for convenience over ruggedness and took the Osmo Pocket instead of the Osmo Action – either one would be gone forever if I dropped it…

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Shot in 4K and uploaded in 1080p.
Music by Epidemic Sound
Happy flying guys…. Ian
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41 replies
  1. Ian in London
    Ian in London says:

    No guard rails. Just a chain to hold on to. That's it….. So, taking the Osmo Pocket on easily the most incredible hike so far on our USA road trip. Done it, got the T-shirt; never again thanks…. 🙂

  2. Peter Orison
    Peter Orison says:

    Great video. If you come back to Zion sometime try the hike to Observation Point. The trail is wider and safer. It takes you 700 feet above Angels Landing for an incredible view of the canyon. Another of Utah's National Parks I highly recommend is Bryce Canyon National Park,… just an hour and half from Zion. It's like another planet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. publi edos
    publi edos says:

    yeeeeeessssss…. that´s mister Ian and Stu getting to the top that´s great… and i can say you fell more comfortable with your action camera than Stu with the DSLR ha ha ha ha ha… that´s nice and MORE wonderful to watch then on the Ig…
    Thanks foe sharing..!!! Good flights… ; )))
    Cuddles for Ted(dy)

  4. bragee
    bragee says:

    Scary drops man, definitely. Safety is somehow questionable but that's what you get. Weather was impressively good as well as the footage quality. Really enjoyed this even if I needed to convert here and there from imperial to metric system 😜
    A pair of weeks ago I've also hiked the Dolomites and carried my heavy drones backpack for two hours and around 600m elevation gain (now it's your time to convert). Check the footage in my last video if you didn't do it yet.
    Cheers fella 👍

  5. ToB Creations
    ToB Creations says:

    Absolutely stunning location and view!😯 But holy cr*p, what a trail! 😱 I would never make it up there myself. Had to send the drone … if it had been allowed. 😝 But great video and job, Ian!

  6. Dale Ch
    Dale Ch says:

    Ian – love your channel – but this, to be perfectly honest, how the hell you bottled this 'palm tingling challenge' ?? All I can really say at this time, after you completed this challenge and filmed it all on the Osmo Pocket, is you have gained my ultimate 'RESPECT' Adventurer or YouTube Vlogger – You are both!! Dale 👍😉

  7. Dale Ch
    Dale Ch says:

    Ian, loved the vid – seen you in your back garden with the dogs harassing you lots of times, also your BBC radio cast live (brilliant – loved that), watched all of your daring Drone range flights – this one made me visit the loo many more times than all the others put together !! that's not necessarily good or bad though matey !! (he concludes, wiping his sweaty palms before bed time) !!

  8. Gene D.
    Gene D. says:

    Great video thanks for taking us along. I was getting nervous just watching, I imagine the descent was even scarier since you are looking down the entire journey

  9. Andy Hemus
    Andy Hemus says:

    Holy Cow that's one heck of a hike! I think because its so scary, especially on the way down, people are careful and therefore less accidents happen. All about perceived danger. Anyhow a great video and the views are astounding. I have been playing with my GoPro selfie pole and a phone mount by the handle. Some nice "crane shot" effects can be had with a bit of practice.

  10. Dale Ch
    Dale Ch says:

    Ian, as the old saying goes 'you don't get 'out for now't' in this world – spectacular views definitely worth the effort! Rather you than me looking through looking at all the loose shale rock on the rocky path!!

  11. Allen Tyler
    Allen Tyler says:

    I spent a summer working in Zion National Park and it was the most incredible summer! That hike is certainly no joke but it really is a stunning and rewarding view at the end! Glad to see you made it up and back safely. (I wouldn't have wanted to do it whole holding a camera!!!) Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Zion and the rest of your road trip!


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