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4 places to see in just 2 days! Spur of a moment trip for my birthday! ROAD TRIP!

My birthday. Nothing planned, nothing exciting. Another year added to being older. Questioning when am I ever going to have a big girl’s job because i’m now 28.

The night before my birthday, I thought to just plan a birthday dinner with my boyfriend and friends. But then, I asked myself, why?! I can do this any other night. I have no big girl job! When will I ever have the time to just up & leave and be adventurous?! Take a trip somewhere!

Well I wish it was to fly somewhere but it’s all good! Overnight research with no sleep and then bam! Rented a car the next day, made the boyfriend be my Clyde to my Bonnie and we were on our way to Utah & Arizona! Coming from San Diego we made a full circle:

•Zion National Park
•Horseshoe Bend
•Antelope Canyon
•Grand Canyon

You’ll never believe it, but we did it all in 2 days! I’d say I had one of the best birthdays within my 28 years of life!

I guess why I am sharing this with you is make sure you live a life with adventures. Last minute planning & all. Don’t second guess. If the opportunity is presented, take it. Say you want to go there and get yourself there. That’s how I got here.
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  1. mike101sd
    mike101sd says:

    Thanks for sharing! I just subscribed. This video is perfect since I am from SD. I can't wait to do the same. I will also go to Yosemite and San Francisco to visit Alcatraz.

  2. Shuzhen Labrum
    Shuzhen Labrum says:

    Thank you for the short yet sharp tour, this is exactly what I was planning to do this summer except for 4 days, I searched so many other videos but this is really useful and relevant for me. Thank you so much


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