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Here it is…the start of my 2019 trip to Zion National Park!! This year I was joined by two friends from high school. I had a ton of fun showing them Zion for the first time. Of course, as has become the norm, the trip was not without its hiccups. Last year my vacuum pump bit the dust over Albuquerque. This year, the night before we were supposed to leave, I was making a short refueling flight to a local airport. Immediately after takeoff I got a voltage warning light; my alternator had died! I immediately lowered my landing gear and flaps, killed the radios, and turned around to land. My worst fears were somewhat alleviated when I took off the cowling and realized that it was the alternator belt that had snapped…a much quicker fix.

Except that my mechanics was out of town. I scrambled all night and the next morning to find a belt and a mechanic. Found those, then had to get the plane refueled. Then had to get my now dead battery charged. And this was all before we even got in the air! Thankfully all went smoothly and the best small airport FBO in the world, Athens Air LLC, took great care of me as usual. We were able to takeoff on schedule as if nothing had ever happened.

And let me tell you, we had a FULLY loaded airplane! It’s rare that weight and balance is even a consideration with the 210, but I had to pay close attention to it with this flight. With full fuel we were just at 3800 pounds (max gross weight) but the plane handled it perfectly. The Centurion is an absolute best of a Cessna…shame they don’t make them anymore. Once airborne, we set a course for Harrison Arkansas to stay the night with a friend. We were treated to a sunset that just didn’t quit!! Thanks for joining along on the first leg to Zion National Park!!
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