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In this episode we experience the famous Narrows at Zion National Park for the very first time and share our complete experience with you. See why we think this is our favorite national park hike to date. Certainly one of the best hikes in the state of Utah.

Our goal was to do the full length of the Narrows bottom up hike. We take you along for the journey and offer helpful tips through our own discoveries along the way.

Get a very accurate feel for how the hike works and what to expect. Will you get wet? What type of clothing and footwear should you wear? How long does it take? How many supplies do you need? Is it cold? How do you use the bathroom? Is it dangerous?

All of these questions and more are answered in this video. This is the video we wish we had seen before trekking out in the Narrows for the first time.

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8 replies
  1. Fluffy Otter
    Fluffy Otter says:

    Fantastic video and informative narration…we did the Narrows in mid February a few years ago in full dry suits and canyoneering boots…awesome experience. However water level was extremely high and we were unable to go as far as you did in the Narrows. Enjoyed seeing what we missed….thank you:)

  2. 3Kitais
    3Kitais says:

    Glad you decided to use the tree and not the water – ew! Fascinating hike. Another great video. As for your question on length and content, I have yet to find any of your videos being too long. They’re always an adventure and you do a great job taking me out of my elements and putting me right in the venture. You also do a great job explaining the not so obvious, and answering us viewers questions. The only thing I would find helpful is if you recommend bringing something and you have that (e.g., waterproof bag) something and it works, maybe share the brand, where you purchased and cost. If I think of anything else will come back and edit my comment. Thanks Ps. At anytime was it claustrophobic?


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