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My boyfriend and I are travelling around the West Coast of America in a van. This is what a day in the life is like. I HAVE MERCH! Get some surprised mochi here:

Thank you Jucy for renting us this van:

Normal stuff: @currently.hannah
Performing stuff: @hannahpriceperformer

Music in this video is from these two sites:
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My preferred form of accomodation:

All filming and editing gear – past and present is listed in my kit:

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49 replies
  1. KaptCaveman
    KaptCaveman says:

    Been all over both California and Utah, my 2 fave States. Utah visually wins though. It is a truly alien and Spiritual place. California didn't make me as emotional as Utah did. Some of the panoramic Martian landscapes = I could'v just cried. When no one was looking at me, lol.

  2. Cornberry
    Cornberry says:

    I went to Zion in May! I didn't go up to Angel's Landing though. Probably would've gone if we had enough time but we got there a little late. Still very beautiful all around

  3. Nyan Tsuki
    Nyan Tsuki says:

    Oh my gowsh I’d never just park/stay for the night somewhere outside in a national park or in the fields or any other open areas in the US. It would freak out the shit out of me ….imagine any serial killer walking around with his guns and knives …nooooo way

  4. matthew clark
    matthew clark says:

    Lol I literally cannot believe you touched a cactus! Fun fact, the entire body of the cactus is covered in teeny tiny spines most of which you can't see, the ones you can see are just the largest ones. I learned this the hard way because I did something similar to what you did years ago and I remember my finger had a strange pain for weeks, turns out it had the microscopic spines in it and I just had to wait for my body to naturally dissolve them. Be careful!

  5. Graff Fuller
    Graff Fuller says:

    Wow, I've never been to Utah. I've heard it was beautiful, but I wasn't expecting this. Thank you. What was the name of the that valley that you thought was SO beautiful (in Zion National Park)?

    Interesting, too…had not heard of the company named Juicy. Will look into possibly using it on a trip in the near future. Thank you for this video.

  6. Nashhan Sharifuddin
    Nashhan Sharifuddin says:

    coming back to this channel, its been a while after your elephant sanctuary video in Chiang Mai. Looking forward to your upcoming video with jess in Indonesia. But the japanese lady on your kawaguchiko video is still the best moment that hardly forget. All the best, from Malaysia.

  7. Bene C
    Bene C says:

    oh wow Hannah thank you so much for producing such a beautiful and infomative production. We always wanted to see this area got to the Grand Canyon but your report stunning thanks again stay safe see ya


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