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  1. Todd Ulmer
    Todd Ulmer says:

    If you do not have a pilot's license you should not be flying missions over national parks. National parks should work with certified pilots to allow them to bring incredible images and video to the public responsibly and representing their great parks. Not to mention drone pilots can come in handy in fire, rescue and wildlife counts. For those of you that hate drones they are here to stay going to have to get use to seeing them. Professional pilots like myself that make a living flying paid a price in time and money to be educated as a professional and as such should be given responsible access and be utilized positively to further the industry. If your a hobbyists flying over bighorn sheep or flying over traffic, crowds of people you ruin it for us that are responsible and I see no future for you. If your serious enough about drone photography/filmmaking you will get certified and do it responsibly getting all permits and authorizations to fly.

  2. James Milligan
    James Milligan says:


    Rules and regulations are in place to protect the visitors and the wonderful resources of Zion National Park. Please do your part to protect this special place.

    Aircraft-based Remote-controlled Equipment
    Use of remote-controlled equipment (including but not limited to helicopters, drones, and other aircraft-based equipment) within Zion National Park is prohibited.
    For more information visit http://knowbeforeyoufly.org/

  3. Sean Graham
    Sean Graham says:

    Well done! Lots of drone footage out there, but this is stands out with subject matter and composition. I love how you kept the perspective changing. And 500 bonus points for Zion!


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