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Expedition Grand Circle.. Angels Landing Trail, Zion National Park, Utah 1080p HD… more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angels_Landing#Trail

Angels Landing HD , Zion National Park ~ Utah
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  1. silverblue571
    silverblue571 says:

    Great video! In 2009 my husband and I hiked to Scout Lookout and then continued on the West Rim trail ……… too nervous to try the last .5 of Angels Landing. Next trip, who knows?! It's a goal. I must say, the guy with the baby was a bit upsetting. Seems the little one had no choice and if he tripped, well, not too cool with the idea that that child had no choice.
    Thanks again for your video!!

  2. Gary Wright
    Gary Wright says:

    I'm so glad you documented this clearly most edgy yet thrilling hike that our National parks offers. I visited Zion just 2 months before you filmed this & wanted to do it but couldn't get my party to agree to join me. Didn't want to do it alone & also suffer some fear of heights (watching this brought tears so I can only imagine what the real deal would feel like.) I still have this on my wish list to accomplish someday. Fear is lessened with being able to actually see what it all entails.


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