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The first thing I will say is switch the video quality to the highest size possible. 1440 or 1080p on a mobile device, or definitely 4k on your desktop. It makes all the difference.
Angel’s Landing will be the scariest hike ever if you are afraid of heights. If you are not, then it is a definite bucket list hike. It is so beautiful. It is only about 2.2 miles to the top. The views, the rock stair cases, and the impossibly growing trees are amazing.
The first mile and a half is pretty much paved trail. There are a lot of switchbacks the higher you get. Once at the top of the main trail, you will see the razorback and the beginning of the chain section. It is less than a mile to the top. There are a couple of sections where there is no chain. I tried to show as much of the trail as possible. There are some steeper sections to climb near the top. Definitely use the chains to pull yourself up. Once at the top, there are plenty of areas to rest and take some amazing photos.
If you are planning to take this hike, there are a couple of things you should bring. Gloves will make the climb much easier and will slide along the chain better. Also, bring plenty of water and snacks. There is no water on this trail. There is a bathroom just before the Chain part of the climb. Also, it can get pretty windy near the peak, so a wind breaker or jacket might be useful. Lastly, you should start as early as possible. The chain sections can get pretty busy in the summer time. You will be getting up close and personal with some strangers holding on to that chain.
Take your time, take lots of pictures, and have a great time.

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  1. James Jones
    James Jones says:

    Another well shot video. I watched with my 10 year old daughter and she said no way you’re doing that dad.
    How long did the climb take?
    Was the descent more challenging feeling of being exposed?
    I also watched some MTB video today of the white line trail in Sedona. Sketchy stuff!


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