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First time hiking Angels Landing, and it was INCREDIBLE!!! The snowstorm that rolled through just as I was at the top, was both thrilling and terrifying. It was, hands down, the most beautiful hike I’ve ever been on. If you’re not afraid of heights, and have decent physical activity as a part of your life, this hike is a must!

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47 replies
  1. VanaConn
    VanaConn says:

    I chickened out at the chain 4:44 .Got partially up and the angle of the ascent made me feel like I was gonna fall off the cliff .The wind was whipping and their was a lot of traffic on the chain and my mind said no way ! At least I can see now how the trail goes up .Real sketchy . Would prefer a harness and a clip cable in some spots . The wind could blow you off and at times it will play tricks on your mental state.

  2. rksmith97
    rksmith97 says:

    Hi Rachel, I just got back from Zion…hiked Angel's Landing on Tuesday and Wednesday (May 7th & 8th)…This hike was very, very  crowded because many of the other fun hikes were closed do to severe trail damage, darnit ; such as: (Observation Point; Hidden Canyon; The Narrows and the Middle and Upper Emerald Pools)…I already have reservations to go back to Zion in July and hope to do "The Narrows" and of course "Angel's Landing"…Zion is Awesome and so are you !! …Your Pal, Rob 🙂

  3. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Why does everyone keep saying this trail is scary ? 90% of ppl who crowd this trail are not even outdoor enthusiasts. There's nothing difficult nor scary about this hike. It disgusts me to see it so crowded because it causes problems for these ppl who have no idea what their doing that's why I prefer other near by trails.

  4. Portia Emery
    Portia Emery says:

    so nice I can travel with you in your videos lol thanks for posting. Was at the Grand Canyon 27 years ago did a mule ride it was awesome, never got to this Canyon but don’t think I will be heading there now lol 😂 after watching this way to scared to ever even try that trail 😂

  5. Da Jo
    Da Jo says:

    No one should pressured by there group to do this. People die every year. Other problem is when someone falls and takes out others. Glad it’s open and good experienced people can enjoy. The day i was on it I saw some large very out of shape couples doing it. Bad shoes. Out of their league and they knew it. . One was right above me and I thought if he goes, I go.

  6. Charley Reed
    Charley Reed says:

    Thank you for the Video Rachel, If i had less metal bones in my body i would do that hike
    in a heartbeat. But thanks to America's enemys I'll just have to stay on more horizontal
    earth, but thanks to nice people like you i can still enjoy the scenery God made for us.

  7. Lisa Allred
    Lisa Allred says:

    I am only two minutes into this but I am wondering why you are pointing the camera at your face instead of at the gorgeous scenery all around you? We want to see Zion. We can still hear you talking as we look at the cliffs, trees, etc.

  8. Akicita A.
    Akicita A. says:

    "Did that sign say not to hike this in high winds? I think it did. Those people are turning around. I should probably turn around."
    *doesn't turn around
    *"STRANDED AT THE TOP!" …Durr.

  9. Ricky Fell
    Ricky Fell says:

    I have hiked Angels Landing 4 times. It is so unreal the footwear people wear on this hike. Tennis shoes, lol. I have seen people coming down in flip flops and one guy holding his dress shoes and coming down barefoot. If you do not hike all year, you do not own HIKING BOOTS and you do not having hiking gear, stay at the lodge. You make it dangerous for people who actually hike.

  10. Echo Ashley
    Echo Ashley says:

    I live in Utah on a ranch, I did this hike when it was less popular and when I was younger and it started hailing. I was glad I wasn't on horseback which I am most of the time( live on a ranch)

  11. S R
    S R says:

    I been up there a couple times. Unless a person breaks a leg up there or they totally don’t plan their trip to get back before dark – I honestly don’t understand how a person could get stranded. Was it just the trail and the heights that caused this? This is a total fabrication of Angels Landing and the hike.

  12. K It
    K It says:

    Is it harder to go downhill? It seems like it would be since muscles aren’t used to that angle as much. I imagine they would shake & fatigue & be sore later?!


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