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Join Susannah, Samantha and Jason as they ascend Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park for the first time. Located in the heart of Southern Utah’s Zion Canyon, an ascent of Angel’s Landing is perhaps one of the most coveted hikes in the world. Brought to you by GeoQuest. http://www.geoquesttech.com
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  1. Joséphine Kérézit
    Joséphine Kérézit says:

    Great video! It's a very nice trail. My husband and I have just hiked it a few days ago (Feb. 2019). It was covered in ice and snow, which spoiled the look of it. I would like to do it again in better weather conditions 😁

  2. Elbert Amacker
    Elbert Amacker says:

    three days after hiking the 16 mi half dome trail in Yosemite i hiked angels landing, i liked it so much i have hiked it at age 76 and 77.  i plan to hike it again in june  at age 79.  this is my favorite hike .  the video is awwwwwesome.

  3. Jarrod Jett
    Jarrod Jett says:

    I did this hike 2 years ago. I was overweight and not real fond of heights. When we got to the top I sat my fat butt down ate a sandwich and started back down just as it started to rain. This hike inspired me to loose weight and become more active. I was 32 at the time and I was passed by a guy who looked to be in his early 70s. great videos guys keep them coming.

  4. Joseph Regallis
    Joseph Regallis says:

    My friend Harry and I did this hike many years ago and it was exhilarating! It's a hike you only have to do once in a lifetime. If I ever get back to Zion, I would love to do the Observation hike across the canyon from Angels Landing. I believe it is even higher. Thanks for the nice video. This hike helped me to overcome fear!

  5. dnsmithnc
    dnsmithnc says:

    Hmmm. I got the very distinct impression that Jason had not done this height before. He says at around 2:14 that the trail was not steep enough for him, he was "hoping" that the trail would be a little steeper for him and hopefully as they got going the trail would be steeper. This definitely sounds like someone not familiar with the trail.

  6. TruthDoesNotHurt
    TruthDoesNotHurt says:

    @geonerd How so? I just saw a video of 3 people going out for a hike… acting calmly and humbly and having a great day out. Am I misunderstanding things if I say that this book you read was the closest thing you've had to an outdoors experience?

  7. Alex Chamberlain
    Alex Chamberlain says:

    @yomamanodros Wasn't sure if @geonerd was referring to the drainpipe shot or not, but if that's the case, then I concur. That drainpipe is only a few feet off of the paved walkway at the base of Walter's Wiggles. Not exactly perched not the edge of oblivion like some of the other parts of the hike. Thanks for watching!

  8. Alex Chamberlain
    Alex Chamberlain says:

    @modestmoose83 You and I are probably neighbors. That's about how far I live from the park. Maybe we'll run into each other up there sometime! Glad to hear the chain saved you! I guess that's why they're there, huh? Hope you weren't too beat up from the fall, and thanks for watching.

  9. modestmoose83
    modestmoose83 says:

    @iskanderdumacedon I live about 30 mins away from the Main entrance of Zion. I've done Angels Landing a handful of times.(maybe 10)Last time I did it I just about fell off the edge. One of those chains saved me, I slipped, both legs in the air, fell hard on my ribs and hip but I caught it with my middle and ring finger. I am a very capable outdoorsman also… I've spent over 300 days cumulative living out of a backpack in the wilderness and I'm an avid hiker. Just saying…

  10. Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson says:

    @geonerd That comment is completely out of line. I've known people who were out of control gung-ho teenagers like you describe and there is absolutely nothing in this video suggesting that Jason is like them. When he was goofing around in that drainage pipe he was no where near any drop offs or dangerous areas.

  11. Praweisschen
    Praweisschen says:

    I was hiking there.The first part was so beautiful,but the actual part,was too scary for me.I returned after 30 meteres(in this video after 5:38),because of a condor,which sat there.But my father and my brother went on and they were overwhelmed by the trail.While they hiked the A.L.,i went on the West Rim Trail.And i can recommend this trail to everyone,who has a problem with hight.Attention! W.R.T. goes on to another N.P.! I stopped on the top of a rock and was almost as high as the end of A.L.

  12. Alex Chamberlain
    Alex Chamberlain says:

    @geonerd Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment, but I must interject in Jason's defense. He's a very careful and capable outdoorsman who has hiked Angel's Landing many times. At no point during this hike was he reckless or otherwise dangerous in his actions. Sorry, but your comment is not justified. However, I thank you for watching, and urge civil dialogue in these discussions.

  13. geonerd
    geonerd says:

    Jason is a perfect example of the gung-ho teenage~20-something overgrown boys that get themselves killed in places like this. Read the "Over the Edge" book about deaths in Grand Canyon NP for plenty of examples.

  14. Neil G. Barclay
    Neil G. Barclay says:

    I have a friend who successfully climbed Angel's last year at the age of 72 — not recommended. I climbed it at age 18 in spite of Acrophobia. An average of one person a year dies from falls — two last year and one, so far, this year. The secret for survival, despite age and condition, is concentration. Watch EVERY step and use all of the help the chains (not enough of them) provide. You also have to be prepared to avoid the goof-offs who like to pretend they are invulnerable.

  15. dsakimoto
    dsakimoto says:

    Prior to our visit to Zion, my family and I found your video to be very valuable in understanding how much we needed to prepare in order to successfully hike Angel’s Landing – it clearly demonstrates the challenge of this undertaking better than any other video we’ve seen. For this 56-year-old guy, reaching the summit of Angel’s Landing was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. Thanks for your help in motivating me to raise my fitness level so I could make the climb!

  16. Goblin2004
    Goblin2004 says:

    It has been years since I have hiked to Angel's Landing, and the time time I did, I didn't go all the way to the end. I just went to the part just before the chains. My wife and I are planning on a trip to the St. George are the week of the July 12 and we might go to Zions sometime that week. That would be one of the hikes I would like to do. Thanks for a great video.

  17. gary sadler
    gary sadler says:

    Thank you for sharing this fantastic video. My family and I are planning to do this hike in just a few weeks. Your video makes my fear of heights kick in. Please wish me luck.

  18. klimbien
    klimbien says:

    Wow, Great video qaulity!!! Can't believe YOUTUBE is lucky enough to get this video…thanks for the post and keeping the narration interesting! Good job

  19. Benzenering1004
    Benzenering1004 says:

    I hiked my ass to the mailbox today, blistering 76F, good thing i took some Gatorade. Why can't those fucking douchebag mailmen just deliver it to my couch, that's bullshit.

    Haha just kidding..hehe. I was actually searching for videos of the woman that fell 1000 feet from angels landing in Zion. I have done both Half-dome and Zion.


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