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One of the Scariest and Spectacular hikes in North America. Here’s a look at how Angels landing looks like with steep drop offs of 1,000 feet on both sides. Video shows me going up and down Angels Landing. It’s one of the most popular hiking trails in Zion National Park, Utah. It’s also listed as one of the top 10 hikes in North America.

Definitely make this one of the hikes on your bucket list.

Video recorded on April 24, 2017 using a GoPro and a FeiYu steadycam GoPro gimbal.

Adventures by A Himitsu https://soundcloud.com/a-himitsu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
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  1. sevenrats
    sevenrats says:

    For sure there is exposure but it's not really a scramble and you can just stand up anywhere along the route. There are a few hikes in the Northeast US near me that actually have sections of scrambling where you are actually using your arms for weight bearing, sometimes on ladders attached to rock. A few of these are the Six Husbands trail Mt Jefferson, the Holt trail Mt Cardigan, and the Precipice trail Mt Champlain. These are typically "if it's wet or windy you think twice" trails because a fall will kill you.

  2. Michael Piccirillo
    Michael Piccirillo says:

    Should be illegal to bring children to do this!

    Husband tells wife our child fell, wife’s like just brush off their knees & place them back in car. Husband hesitated to mention child fell 3,000 feet & most likely won’t be returning home until later on.

  3. Sheldon Miller
    Sheldon Miller says:

    The music really ruined this video. It’s a beautiful hike with fantastic views and you put the worst fuckin music ever for the audio. It’s like what a 10 year old would pick for his birthday party.

  4. Louis P.
    Louis P. says:

    I mean, if you’re gonna make a trail on a hair raising mountain top, one where the simplest mistake means DEATH, then make a damn trail and put up posts & chains on BOTH sides…just saying…


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