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Probably the best hike yet and started with a failed attempt at the Wave lottery. Angels Landing is insane. While at the lottery we decided Jez the Jetta wouldn’t be up to the task of getting to the trail head with the ice/snow. We turned back and decided to take on Angels Landing in the snow/ice. Angels landing can be dangerous and people have died so please be careful if you attempt this hike.

I felt safe even with the snow.

Don’t watch this if you don’t heights.

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  1. Steve LFZ
    Steve LFZ says:

    Nice video. I think the park fudges the number of fatalities at Angel's Landing because I always see ambulances at the trailhead with lights flashing…I did witness a fatality at Emerald Pools. I failed the Wave lottery too…will try again this spring.

  2. Andy Buckley
    Andy Buckley says:

    I said Yes to Scouts Lookout but no to Angels Landing, to too far away from my comfort zone (and I went when it was bone dry!). Walters wiggles take the switchback count through the roof!


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