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42 replies
  1. tommcg1946
    tommcg1946 says:

    Oh now I feel really old.i have fixed my share of flat tires.but I gotta tell you in 1978 my then wife and I bought a forty foot fifth wheel rv.we lived in it for a whole winter in steamboat co.needless to say that was the end of that marriage lol.looking forward to meeting up with you sometime. I really could use your experience on about a thousand things.sorry this is so long.Tom

  2. tommcg1946
    tommcg1946 says:

    Hi, I've watched a number of your videos and am truly inspired.my name is Tom and I'm recently divorced after 30 years.i'm 71 years young and about to go full time raving.what do think my chances are of making it in a obvious younger world.my background is 50 years union elec.i have lived in different rvs over the years but along time ago.just your thoughts.Tom

  3. stringbender57
    stringbender57 says:

    Nice camera! I'll check them out. I think the other name brand cameras are WAY OVERPRICED so I never bought one. Wow…what a hike! 7-8 years ago I would have matched you guys step for step. Now days I have one bad knee and one worse knee due to wear and tear of carrying heavy music equipment for 40 years and a bad fall on my right knee a couple of years ago. So thanks for videoing your big adventure so we could see the amazing sights up there. I am with the guy who previously posted he could now release the the death grip from the arm of his chair…lol! 🤣

  4. WaywardWes
    WaywardWes says:

    Excellent video my friend. It seems to me from watching all your videos that you seem to be a great help to all nomadic people.
    I myself just purchased the SJ4000 for my own adventures when I get started. I'm sure I will see you out there with wheels on.

  5. Marilyn Wilkie
    Marilyn Wilkie says:

    Another version. RV with Tito. When they did it the trail was closed for maintenance but a ranger allowed them to go. Pretty much only them. I read later that the 'maintenance ' is cleaning up human waste from the hikers. 🤗 Tito made it all the way to the top but his wife didn't as I recall.

  6. Mistyck Moon
    Mistyck Moon says:

    Thank you for taking me to Angel's Landing…. I an just starting to breath again. There is no way in heck I could have ever done that hike. My fear of heights plus way too many people coming an going on a place that barely had enough foot space. Holy Cow!!! The camera did a great job for the video. How is it with still pictures?

  7. Sarah Tree
    Sarah Tree says:

    WOW dude! Crazy trail! Maybe I'll hike that some day too.Thanks for the info on the camera I've been looking at cameras because mine is really old. I will totally be checking this one out. Not in too big of a hurry because last time I used mine it still worked. (However I don't know for how long ) so it's time to start shopping. The picture is quite good but the audio seems to be kinda bad. Maybe it really needs an external microphone. Any way thanks again.

  8. 4G Nomad
    4G Nomad says:

    Beautiful hike Jaime and good review of the camera! Its been a long time. I hope you are doing well. Getting back in the swing of things again. Starting producing videos again as I reorganize my life for full-time van life once again. Take care bud!

  9. kindersir
    kindersir says:

    I HATE!!!!!!! the fish eye look of the GoPro videos I have seen. This did not seem so pronounced. Very clear also. I don't know if you had it set up with less "fisheye" or it just looks better. From this vid. I would say this is much better than the look of a GoPro.

  10. Betty InArkansas
    Betty InArkansas says:

    OMGosh, my heart is still in my throat watching this video. Talk about a grip on my laptop and in awe of the views! I was also thinking about the crew and equipment needed when they installed poles and chains early on. I bet the crew got hazard pay! thanks so much for sharing and more travelers surely need hands free cameras.

  11. Lori Smith
    Lori Smith says:

    Yeah yeah, camera, camera, blah, blah. But that hike! My heart rate was WAY up there and I had to keep checking how many minutes were left to see if I could handle watching more. It was gorgeous and I'm glad there are people like you to film it because I like my adventure to be a lot less daring!
    Having said that, it's a sweet camera and I've bookmarked the site. How long is the discount good for, Jamie?

  12. Dandy Dan
    Dandy Dan says:

    I was white knuckled during that whole hike holding onto my chair. loved the footage though. As for the camera, yes it's a great camera and for a great price on Amazon, 6mega.com is very expensive on comparison. not trying to be a jerk, just being honest… Keep the videos coming. I shop a lot on Amazon. Of all of the YouTube people I follow You seem to be the most generous to others so Can I use your link to Amazon for everything I buy there and will you get a little piece of it?


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