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I was out exercising in Richmond today, on my own, the LAW doesn’t specify physical exercise, I was exercising mentally meditating by the river, minding my own business, and these lovely police officers thought I was committing a crime! Eventually they arrested me and actually gave me a lift home which I thought was nice, I will now get a fixed penalty notice which naturally I will contest in court. Let’s see. 4 police officers in the van which dropped me home! I said “this is the closest I’ve been to another human being all day!” Let alone four of them confined in a van! Anyway, BRING IT ON!
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  1. munga1111
    munga1111 says:

    Comments full of hysterical idiots. If social distancing is maintained there is no reason you cannot be outside. It is critical to your health that you spend some time outside. The law does not prohibit you from going outside for any length of time. I would suggest that some of you actually read the advice from WHO and the Covid-19 bill before telling this person she is wrong. The police have only acted to increase the risk of the spread if anyone of the people in this video have it. The police are overstepping their powers because they are used to people doing what theyre told without question. I also reccomend the book 1984 by George Orwell, before you so willingly surrender your rights.

  2. Dario Nehara
    Dario Nehara says:

    You should be ashamed. If we all wanted to go "exercise mentally" on park benches and standing around, then the streets would be full and the pandemic would be spreading faster. Why do you get to do it and the rest of us stay inside? Its because we are trying to help the problem, and your just trying to get your 15 minutes of fame and waste police time. Your disgusting.

  3. Cristiana Cabral
    Cristiana Cabral says:

    There are still a few people condoning this, what do you think it will happen if EVERYBODY decides to do this?? There won't be any space for everyone outside and there won't be ang more social distancing. And she said "if I get infected I'm only hurting myself". Well, that is definitely not true. If you expose yourself you are hurting others too. The reason why there's noone around her is because everyone else is doing the best they can. This is a selfish person who only wants attention. STAY HOME

  4. Joseph Hearnden
    Joseph Hearnden says:

    Oh for goodness sake, just go home, you're doing no one a favour being wilfully rude and patronising. This officer is upholding the law and only trying to do his job. You're just pushing your luck and begging him for a reaction. If Boris deemed it suitable to go and plonk yourself on a bench and call it exercise then I'm sure he'd have said so. I bet your name is Karen, Jog on Karen (actual exercise) and go and sit cross legged doing nothing at home in your West London townhouse, Karen.

  5. cubanthighs0
    cubanthighs0 says:

    No words. Try arguing this out with the NHS looking after the patients. Seems like you had been betting on public support and instead have been shown to be the covidiot you are (while playing devil's advocate badly). What a plonker!!!

  6. Blythe Aislinn
    Blythe Aislinn says:

    This is ridiculous – if she 'knew she was in the right' then she would've resisted being arrested but didn't have the stomach to go that far, why? Because she knew she was in the wrong. What a complete and utter waste of police time and money. They were so unbelievably patient with her as well – well done met police!

  7. ThugLife555555
    ThugLife555555 says:

    I don't understand the most of you people. This lady should be a hero for you but you call her a villain. She's protecting her and by sharing it she's also protecting your BASIC HUMAN LAWS. Why can't you just sit on fresh air surrounded by nobody but nature ? Are you afraid of COVID-19 and that she can transmit it to you ? Are you not afraid of your governmemt having absolute power over you ? You think you can protect yourself by social distancing and staying at home, but you don't wear any facemasks, why ? In my country we are all wearing face masks and guess what, during the lockdown we can go to nature, we can sit like this woman on a park bench and we can exercise physically but we have to wear a facemask because these things are considered essential for healthy human psyche but the most of you act like it doesn't exist.

  8. MrMuffyou
    MrMuffyou says:

    Hey here’s a conspiracy theory for you Kerry. You call yourself Kerry Azulay on here and on your “ I want to be a presenter” website yet you also call yourself Kerry d’Souza on your salesforce ID – could it be that you are ( whisper ) Trying to hide your identity ??? Or is that just another silly theory like, say, the earth being flat 🤦🏼‍♂️

  9. george noble
    george noble says:

    You are so ignorant and selfish. Watching your behaviour to what can only be described as a very patient and fair police officer; is absolutely enraging.
    There are thousands of people that live in cities that have no means of sitting outside, sitting in a garden, sitting in a park.
    Imagine if absolutely everyone head out into the public domain. All you had to do was go home rather than waste this officers time. We are all in this together and your selfish behaviour is not right and stupid.

  10. Roswell Crash
    Roswell Crash says:

    What a stupid cow 😂

    Exercising mentally, you’re mental all right. “I don’t care, I’m only infecting myself.”

    Does she not realise that her getting infected causes issues, how stupid and selfish is she, I bet she’s a fat bird too, you can tell by the laboured breathing, fat people are fat because they’re greedy and selfish by nature.

  11. Zoe Allanson
    Zoe Allanson says:

    Absolute plonker. Drinking and smoking doesnt count as exercise love. Not only that you admitted you had been out for over an hour already meaning you had exceeded your daily exercise limit of 1 hour. You are only thinking of yourself and not the fact that if a rule is broken for 1 it should be broken for all meaning many would go out for sunbathing and bench sitting. Why are you so special that you think it is acceptable for the rules to be bent for you? This is not big brother this is a temporary demand made by the government and you are wasting police time. Just go home instead of making a video out of principle for your human rights. Your human rights are limited at the moment to protect people lives now go for a walk, sit for 10 minutes if you have to and go home. Simples.

    Lastly if you are so concerned with your mental health I suggest you stop drinking and smoking.

  12. Skunkey Sonderbar
    Skunkey Sonderbar says:

    FE Kerry, thank you for standing up to this! Is there some sort of legal defence fund I can donate a small contribution to, or some other way to support you? Frankly, I am horrified by the amount of negative comments you have received.

  13. Catriona Wilson
    Catriona Wilson says:

    Honestly you should be be ashamed I'm out there working in a care home and cant see my family my poor gran is 86 and self isolating for 12 weeks she has fell twice thankfully she is ok because were not allowed in. Just stop and think you silly woman you don't care if you get it you well I suppose you won't care if the nhs won't treat you then.😡😡😡😡😡😡

  14. Margaret Johnson
    Margaret Johnson says:

    Total disregard for the rules that have been set out to help everyone. If others did the same as you, then everyone would be outside all day! You should be ashamed of the way you are disrespecting others who are trying very hard to stay home and keep others safe, not to mention wasting police time. It's actually disgraceful.

  15. Aaron Gamble
    Aaron Gamble says:

    You are just a complete and utter embarrassment to the country. Why waste the time of frontline workers who are trying to follow guidelines to keep people safe. If you contract the virus you should be denied any medical treatment. Fool!

  16. David Derrick
    David Derrick says:

    What a pathetic person ! Totally thinking of herself and not others … the police officer deserves a medal for being so patient ! She even said “I’ll go home when the sun goes down” how embarrassing for her. She should be charged and sent inside for 3 months… it’s people like her that will cause the lockdown to be extended. She should be ashamed.

  17. Superallie 2019
    Superallie 2019 says:

    So my wife is an NHS nurse and is redeployed to work a month of nightshifts to help put an end to COVID19 and for clicks and giggles your putting the police at risk by posting this drivel. When we look back on our time in Lockdown I know that my wife and I as essential/key workers made a difference. I hope you are ashamed. You are a disappointment.


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