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One of my all-time favorite places to hike- ZION National Park! Normally, navigating waves of tourists and crowded trails is something you just accept hiking in Zion, and for the beauty you get to see, its more than worth it. But after a little searching, a friend and I came across this trail in the Zion Wilderness and took a gamble on an overnight backpacking trip. This trail has 13 pre-established campsites, and a permit for overnight camping is required. We got lucky and got to choose our campsite, and wanting to experience as much of the trail as possible we got the furthest one they had- Number 12. A beautiful trail is an understatement, as this trail followed the creek back into the canyon with towering walls of rock dripping with colors and textures. We had a peaceful night in our spot by the river, enjoyed some great food on the trail, and even found a waterfall to take a plunge in! A truly wonderful adventure, Zion never fails to amaze me! Please like and comment, also subscribe to the channel for more adventures!
Music obtained through Epidemic Sounds
1. Maiwan- Cho
2. Thomas Skyldeberg- Guest of Honor
3. Andre Aguado- Even If We’re Falling
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