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Joining me on this overnight backpack is Christine Machado of “This Girl Hikes” (channel and video link below) as we backpack Zion National Park. We begin at the Lee Pass trailhead hiking along La Verkin Creek to camp at campsite #6. On day 2 we hike to Kolob Arch before packing up and heading out.

Christine’s Channel:

Christine’s video of this trip:

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43 replies
  1. William Palmquist
    William Palmquist says:

    Nice to see you have another hiker in the family. We've only been to Zion once. Looks scary combustible! We could use the serenity about now. We're taking care of my 93 year old mother with Alzheimer's. Keep up the great video work and be safe.

  2. Marvin Williford
    Marvin Williford says:

    New subscriber here. Discovered your channel sometime ago through Joey's channel. Nice video here. I made a dozen visits to the main part of Zion and another 15 to Taylor Creek in Kolob Canyon during the nearly three years I lived in Utah. If I'm not mistaken your hike began in the Kolob area; didn't research it but it seems familiar. I love this Park and did a lot of day hiking in it. I've watched a few of your videos and a couple of Joey's when you were along.

  3. zmarko
    zmarko says:

    Love your vids Cat. They're always put together so nicely. The music fits perfect to the scenery, and you have an amazing eye for pictures and what looks good on video. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jimbo h
    Jimbo h says:

    Hey Cat…I saw a video the other day about rodents attacking and eating vehicles and everything else they can get their fangs in…lol…you may have tried this already but yu might try this as cheap as it is…almost everyone knows mice hate peppermint but I had never heard of anyone mixing peppermint oil in a spray bottle with water….then spray liberally all over your truck….under the hood inside the interior….its easy cheap and yu can treat your rig as often as you wish…and of course mothballs are also used to spread around in dark corners !! Ive thought about putting mothbals in a small cloth or net material and ziptie it somewhere in th engine compartment….might think about trying those things if yu havent yet….they love engine wiring but hate peperment…we'll see…..chow !!!

  5. WildWestHikes
    WildWestHikes says:

    Would love to pick your brain on sound. Can I please ask about your mic setup?This trip probably had the best stereo sound capture I’ve come across from a backpacking youtube channel. Thanks for a great video!

  6. Mike Ferrannini
    Mike Ferrannini says:

    The rock formations are very unique in this place…different shapes than other places i have seen…..love the rock walls…one towards the beginning looked like a giant cathedral.
    ……the tree with the red leaves was just beautiful too. Lot of great places and landmarks for an old west outlaw to hide his loot…lol. It is great that you and your niece have this in common and can spend time together. This was a great video for spur of the moment. Thanks 🐱!!!

  7. Lao American Lady
    Lao American Lady says:

    Hi Catherine, we went To Zion, spent 3 days hiking the Arches, Dead Horse Points, Canyon Lands, Bryce Canyons. During the July 4th weekends. We did a short visit during at Zion and Grand Canyon at the end of December of 2018. It was so cold and out full tour again was in July. From Extra cold to the extreme heat. Those were the only time my husband got the time off for Road Trips. did you live your camera behind to film your self walking ??

  8. Bryan DeLay
    Bryan DeLay says:

    Amazing that the map makers time traveled to the future to name a butte after a famous YouTuber. Really liked the shot at 3:02 and you must have liked also to include it again at the end. Great video of a beautiful place.

  9. Karen W
    Karen W says:

    Wow! How beautiful! Will definitely have to put this on my bucket list. Had no idea what a treasure that place is. Thanks for sharing such a magical place. 🙏🏼

  10. Styx62 Ga
    Styx62 Ga says:

    Glad you could spend time with family doing something you both enjoy wow looks run in the family I see hope you enjoy your next destination as well the arch was awesome.🌹👍

  11. Henry Hawk
    Henry Hawk says:

    Video has great feeling. I wonder though if there could have been some great footage that was missed in the wee hrs. of the morning while you were awake, rolling and tumbling?😎🌖

  12. Against the Grain
    Against the Grain says:

    Amazing place! Great to see Christine looking so well, I follow her on IG, she’s glowing.:-) One day I’ll be out there, just need to get this business established so I can take some free time.


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