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This was our first time boondocking for this long (12 days)!
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First off, we’re using the term “boondocking” to describe the camping style (no hookups), not the location. We have “mooch-docked” with family and friends for longer, but we always had some kind of partial hookup (15 amp, water, etc.)

We were both excited and nervous about this location because the Lone Rock Beach Campground is literally right on the beach and is pretty much a free-for-all (no sites just wide open)! Upon arrival, we quickly realized that we needed to unhook and leave the RV behind to scout out the best site and path to get there. A lot of the sand is packed pretty hard, but there were areas of soft, thick sand that we wanted to avoid!

We found an awesome spot to set up camp with an unobstructed view of the Lone Rock and Lake Powell and it was spectacular!! This is a dry camping, first-come-first-served campground, but there is a dump station and restrooms on-site. Keep in mind that ATT has zero coverage in this area (at least during the time we were there – May 2019) We connected via Verizon just fine, however. This is also a free-for-all type of atmosphere where dogs run free and people are constantly walking through your site. It’s definitely not a private RV Resort 😜

The location of LRB Campground was fantastic for sightseeing. We got out on the motorcycle several times, drove out to Horseshoe Bend, took a tour of Antelope Canyon and also got out on a boat tour of Lake Powell! Our 12 days were action-packed and we made it the full 12 days without having to hitch up and drive to the dump! Whew!

We look forward to visiting that area again, but our time in Utah was not finished. After this stay, we headed to St. George to visit Tara’s uncle and to explore Zion National Park!

🎥 Eat See RV Lone Rock Beach: https://youtu.be/YXq73hAm7wU
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🎥 RV Water Management: https://youtu.be/bR7e7XViI3o

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22 replies
  1. New Hampshire Joe
    New Hampshire Joe says:

    Hoping to see you in 2020 we live in New Hampshire and lots to see……if you can get in to Ellacoya State Park its right on the states largest lake Winnipesaukeeand at Laconia, NH were they have Bike week ….

  2. Missy Cutie
    Missy Cutie says:

    If y’all don’t mind could you do a video of the two of y’all just hanging around the RV on a work day or day in. It might seem silly but I and maybe some others are interested in seeing how it is just living in the toyhauler and how you live in the space. I love your videos, you guys are so informative 💕

  3. Pam Rawlins
    Pam Rawlins says:

    That boondocking spot was absolutely gorgeous and awesome!! So jealous!!👏💝! Your video shots were beautiful!! Happy trails, stay safe, stay warm!! 💕🎄🎅🐕!!

  4. SteveR
    SteveR says:

    Hey guys, first you know I love you three. For future reference though …. you know in movies where the heroes walk out to kick arse? and they do that long slow motion walk thingy? well the opposite of that is many things… funny, weird (very, very weird) but not kick arse cool. Still a great vid though ; )

  5. Rene Grandmaison
    Rene Grandmaison says:

    Love it again.. Like the Gray water trick.. I'll have to add that valve.. Also what else did you need to have and to do to conserve water and power for 11 days? Would be interested in that.. Great video. Looking forward to Zion

  6. Nancy Murray
    Nancy Murray says:

    We spent 10 years volunteering with NPS first responders , many in that area! We spent mid Sept-mid Nov. at Glen Canyon for about 3 years. FYI Lake Powell is a seasonal area and you were in off season I believe😉. Half of the town of Page including the Marina and most restaurants shut down after Nov. 1. We had a hard time finding a place to go out to eat after that time! We had out hoses freeze mid Nov and the off season storms can be bad. We have seen the whole road and beach area closed and washed out at Lone Rock in the late season. Worst storm we’ve ever experienced was on that beach. We had to yell to hear each other in the Rig with the wind with lightning striking all around us!😳They turn the water off at Lone Rock around mid Oct I think. Earlier it is beautiful there , in the summer it gets a little wild with the party crowd. We have a Harley and enjoyed riding all through that area but temps can change quickly. We spent a couple of summers at both the South and North Rims of the Grand Canyon and many Springs and a few Falls in Zion. The ride on the loop from Zion up over Cedar City is beautiful but can get very cold in the upper elevation. That whole area is best done in Spring or early Fall. Summer is too hot and crowded and late Fall and winter can get very cold and see some snow. We have been off the road for a couple of years but have sold our house and will be back to full timing as soon as we pick up our new Rig in AZ in a couple of weeks. We’ve volunteered in the Tetons and Yosemite also but the rides there can be dicey with all the large wild animal. Maybe we will see you on the road😍

  7. Wayne Siminski
    Wayne Siminski says:

    Some more of God’s majestry. Beautiful. Always fun seeing places thru your eyes, or should I say, camera lense. On the motorcycle is the only way to see all that beauty and smell the smells. Thanks

  8. MDS
    MDS says:

    Audience Poll: Id like to propose we request for Chad and Tara to initiate an official rating system for the Changing Lanes Channel. It will represent the quality rating of the products and services they review giving us all a better understanding of their value.
    Proposed Rules:
    1. Booms are given for your overall good functioning quality of a product or service.
    2. Bams are given only for that extra Bling or Credit of being an exceptional product or service.
    3. The rating system is a 1-5 scale of Booms or Bams making a, 5 Boom and 5 Bam the best product or service ever!
    Ridiculous or fun and creative?
    What does everyone think?
    Boom! : )

  9. Michael
    Michael says:

    I always know what Tara's reaction is gonna be in the video when you two have been boon-docking. ROFLMAO!!!!! (Chad, she's such a princess. Not judging, though I love boon-docking – as do you obviously given your reaction to her comment about the week. LOL!) Watching this, because of the location, reminded me of the time my ex and I were parking our RV on a section of public beach nearest to the National Seashore in Corpus YEARS AGO. Greg was driving the RV from the access road across soft sand toward the ocean to do a wide turn to get back up away from the shoreline. I decided to get out with the dogs and watch from the sidelines. (Hey, I'm not stupid. His life insurance was paid. I figured why not enjoy it if his stupidity got him drowned. Kidding.) ANYWAY, across the sand he goes at HIGH speed. I'm watching and thinking, "How in h*** is he going to get slowed down and have ENOUGH room to make that turn???" He did. Of course, I don't know how much crap I was picking up off the floor after. Stuff that had gone flying out of cabinets when the doors flew open during this wild ride. I think this was the same trip I burned and blistered the sole of my right foot after stepping IN TO a burning bed of charcoal briquettes while getting leverage to lift a grate I'd stuck into the sand above them to grill burgers. In my defense, his bonehead move was made while sober; my idiot move was while we were parked on the beach and after having had a few daiquiris. PROBABLY to settle my nerves after watching our rig almost drive straight into the ocean at high speed. ROFL!! That was back when I was young and more of a partier anyway (late 90's with our '97 Yellowstone Class C). Gotta love how I'm trying to justify being inebriated on the beach, no? HAHAHA. Great video as always. Safe travels y'all!


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