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If we could do one thing for the rest of our lives, we would definitely, in a heartbeat choose to TRAVEL! Arthur loves to drive and I love planning, hunting for cheap (but always fun) accommodations and packing!

Let us show you some parts of the West Coast!
We drove from Los Angeles to Arizona then to Utah. Watch the sunset with us at Monument Valley like Forrest Gump, camp at Utah, do some lovely trails and absorb nature.

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P.S. This road trip was recorder on May 2019.
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21 replies
  1. Passion As A Verb
    Passion As A Verb says:

    I almost moved to Arizona. It would've been for my fiance's career. However we chose to stay here in TX. Growing up every summer we would drive from MD to Ca and back. Stopping in states where family and friends were. It's one my favorite kid memories!!!!

    Now that we have kids of our own we are taking them on their first road trip this summer and I simply can't wait!!!!

  2. Irene ClarkPerry
    Irene ClarkPerry says:

    This trip looked amazing! We actually had this same itinerary planned for presidents week next week and had to cancel. We were gonna stay the trip I'm Vegas and drive to Page, Arizona, Utah, Sedona, all that good stuff. I've been to Vegas and went to the Valley of fire and that was amazing! Great trip you guys!

  3. Riana Anaïs
    Riana Anaïs says:

    Awww girl you have brought tears to my eyes! I've been missing my extended family something fierce. They all live in AZ and Cali. I just talked to my grandma last night and see this today – hit me in the feels


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