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1,400 feet above the ground, my friends and I ran into these great birds. They’re the largest in North America, and there are only about 180 in the wild. This is a pretty rare encounter, and this is some of the best HD footage of Condors that you will see online. It isn’t perfect, because I had the steady shot off and the shutter speed too low, plus the focus is off here and there, but it’s close.
(C) 2008 Christian Madsen/ Villainous Turtle Cinema Use of this clip in broadcast or other for profit productions without permission is not allowed.
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  1. Jose Cortez
    Jose Cortez says:

    Hi! I work for a production company in Los Angeles and we're producing a National Parks series. We were recently in Zion and we are looking for some condor footage to add to the show. Yours is incredible! Would you be available to chat Monday to see if you'd be interested in working with us on this? I'm using an editors Youtube since I don't have my own but my email address is Bdecker@tremendousinc.com. I'm Bridget and I hope to hear from you! Have an excellent weekend!

  2. Hellcat Coyote
    Hellcat Coyote says:

    WOW!!! Amazing video. Thank you so much for sharing. I travel to the Grand Canyon all the time and see these birds there, but, I have never seen them at Zion (even though I've been there more times than the Grand Canyon) Amazing!

  3. Greg Stenson
    Greg Stenson says:

    Just ran into these birds this afternoon up past Scout Lookout heading west onto the West Rim Trail. They sat in their tree– similar to the one in this video– and stared at us for a few moments before flying off. We were no more than 20 feet away from them. It was an amazing experience; I never would have thought I'd have an encounter like this in my life.

  4. outside365
    outside365 says:

    Nice video! But it's not really a one in a million encounter. The condors are commonly seen around Zion. More like millions of people see them every year! Nice quality footage though!


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