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We get wet and sandy as we canyoneer Pine Creek in Zion National Park, Utah. The water was low on our run through the canyon and had it been higher Pine Creek would be a different animal. Getting off rope in the water was easy since we could touch and we never really got cold but for a few minutes after the third rappel. Great trip and beautiful scenery. I will say that it was full of sand and that did complicate a few things, mainly binding up the locking biners on our devices. All things said, Awesome! Thanks for watching!
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  1. Tim Roo Roo Tim
    Tim Roo Roo Tim says:

    How is that C IV rope working out for You? (Durability wise) you bought it for Engelstead canyon? Have the canyonero but got the 300ft of C IV as well. Doing engelstead on the 15th.

  2. xmods4Reel
    xmods4Reel says:

    Just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for uploading all of your adventures. I have a group of us going to Zion this weekend and your videos have been a real time saver and huge asset!


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