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23 replies
  1. Tucker Gott
    Tucker Gott says:

    Flying over Zion was insane! Super cold, super windy, but super beautiful! Stay tuned for the second half of the video where Jaclyn and I explore the park on foot! Zion Ziun, I like Zion better. 😉

  2. DJ&Jules
    DJ&Jules says:

    We locals pronounce it 'Zi-en' 😉 it was neat to see this area, my backyard, from the sky. It is also so fun to watch first time visitors reaction. Good call on the turn around on Angel's Landing. That sign has not been updated in awhile…way too many deaths from there.

  3. I will choose Freewill
    I will choose Freewill says:

    You are a great steward of the sport young man. well done all around. New fan, also seriously want to fly the para/power's also, perhaps more so, I want to fly a hang glider. I'd like to be able to fly one of them from north central Florida to southern Maryland near Wash DC. it's like 850 mi. by road, as the crow flys IDK. What would it take to do that ?

  4. OneDayAfterAnother
    OneDayAfterAnother says:

    Hey – I know you probably won't ever see this…..since your channel is so popular……but I'm on my third video of yours……This is so cool. I'm guessing if the engine just died, you will just lose altitude but you can try to land in a safe place since you already have a parachute……..I also wonder about birds. I hate flying in planes but this is totally different.

  5. Eric Mcgehee
    Eric Mcgehee says:

    Love dat flannel! 2 questions

    1. How many things have you accidentally dropped from up in the air, and what’s the success rate of going back and finding them on the ground. The GoPro and $20 dollar bill video were some of my faves, they’re like a good emotional roller coaster with suspense, fear, anger, comedy, drama, comedy relief!

    2,. Have you ever considered doing paramotor live streams on twitch or YouTube live? You’d be the one of the firsts if not THE first and only. You could do superchat witch questions and sugggesions mid flight! Take donations and everything that goes along with streaming.


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