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This is my arrival at Zion National Park after 450 miles of driving and an overnight stop and recharge in Saint George UT.
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  1. Mowcowbell
    Mowcowbell says:

    Not sure if I'd attempt that drive in an EV, but sure thankful for pioneers such as you that are willing to do so and document it for the rest of us armchair adventurers. 🙂

  2. Matthew Nelson
    Matthew Nelson says:

    Next time we are in the AZ/UT area, we will have to see Zion. A couple years ago we saw Grand Canyon on the south side. Another place I recommend is Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument and Wupatki National Monument (next to each other) just north of Flagstaff.

  3. Mike Kimura
    Mike Kimura says:

    News Coulomb Awesome! Our family went to Zion NP in August for the first time and we LOVED it! Of course in August you can NOT drive up to the Lodge unless you have Reservations at the lodge. I checked out the charging station but I was not driving my Volt on the trip (before I got my Bolt). LOVE Zion NP and love seeing your Bolt there.

  4. Mowcowbell
    Mowcowbell says:

    Your comment about limiting internal combustion engines is true in Zion. During the main tourist season (Mar-Nov) you can't drive your personal car up to the north end of the canyon (unless you have reservations at the Park Lodge). You are stopped at the branch where you almost made the wrong left turn. You have to ride on the propane powered buses.

  5. ram64man
    ram64man says:

    Is there something wrong with your left wiper not retracting properly ? On the one at the Paris auto show the one I saw it went flush at the bottom of the window so could you have a miss alignment? As it seems to stick now and again


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