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Zion National Park is an amazing wonder of the world. Driving the canyon road is one thing, but riding it on a bicycle is even better. This wasn’t a gravel ride, but it was still a great cycling experience.

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew trundled along on a hot summer’s day, taking in the beauty of the canyon, and a spot of relaxation in the river below.

Link to my bike from this video – https://wp.me/p4V4se-389

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  1. Ted Timmons
    Ted Timmons says:

    two oddities: (1) hurricane is pronounced 'herkin'. Utahns are weird. (2) no bikes in the tunnel, but it's a really nice climb to there.

    I took my Ti bike with couplers to there about a week ago and rode really early to beat the heat.

  2. The McC
    The McC says:

    That looks like a prime gravel bike ride. I would never ride that in July. I almost never cycled when I lived in Texas because of the heat and sun. With the current weather I experience in Japan this summer has been a wash out for me. I would suggest carrying a water straw in case you needed to drink water from a river in an emergency. Nice video by the way. Hope you didn't get sunburned.


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