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This is from my 2017 roadtrip from Rimrock, AZ to Vancouver, CA. I camp the first night at Lone Rock Beach, a large camping area on Lake Powell, take a drive through Zion National Park and hike to the Emerald Pools, and then spend night number two at Meadow Hot Springs, in central Utah.
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9 replies
  1. FlourishingLight
    FlourishingLight says:

    "Then I see real people, and I'm not impressed with them." LOL….that's me, too. Even when I get 100% healthy…..I don't want to do things "their" way, again. A blessing of having this illness…..the new perspective of our human society.

  2. John Ganshow
    John Ganshow says:

    I live in Arizona near Rim Rock actually, and many beautiful places between here and BC. But once you get into the Fraser river valley, it's one of the most stunning places I've ever been….

  3. Bob Dobbson
    Bob Dobbson says:

    Next time think about coming north through Montana then cut straight east through north Idaho and better yet into BC then cut west, amazing territorys🖒🖒southern idaho montana and bc got the hot springs none inland N. Washington or Idaho


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