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This is the second video in the series documenting my Winter 2019 photography trip to Death Valley and Zion National Parks. This episode explores my afternoon scouting and sunset photography in the salt flats of Death Valley on the first day of the trip.


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  1. Philip Culbertson
    Philip Culbertson says:

    My rule of thumb for sunset is to stay 30 minutes, evaluate what is happening then decide. But I'm almost always in forested areas and dark happens quickly once the sun sets. If I were within site of my vehicle and no chance of getting into trouble, I'd stay 45 minutes. That bring me to a question. Do you have any tricks to hiking back in the dark on trails in Utah to avoid getting off on the wrong trail? Do you drop waypoints on your phone to guide you back if needed?

  2. Steve H
    Steve H says:

    Wow, thank goodness for B – roll, that last image was my favorite and one of the best I've seen from the valley at sunset. Were you able to get that in one image or a composite?


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