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Death Valley and Zion – Winter 2019 – Day 3
This is the fourth video in the series documenting my Winter 2019 photography trip to Death Valley and Zion National Parks. In this episode I’m still in Death Valley and I try sunrise at Cottonball Basin and then explore the amazing blue colors of Marble Canyon.


Here’s the link to the excellent Farabee’s Jeep Rental. I couldn’t have visited Marble Canyon without their Jeep:


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6 replies
  1. Slavomir Dzieciatkowski
    Slavomir Dzieciatkowski says:

    Hey Scott, very lovely images, especially from the canyon…wow! I've known about that canyon but your images really make me want to go next time we're there. I used to have the P 645D…lovely cam. Moved on to a different medium format and it is great to see your images here with the Z. Looking forward to more of your videos.

  2. Diego McCartney
    Diego McCartney says:

    That canyon is definitely neat. I’m sure the drive was as rugged as you said. I’m looking to get a little more out there next year and will need to consider the Jeep rental. Loved the images inside the canyon. Also liked the fact that you went to a much lesser known area of the salt flats. I’ve got a few locations saved for next year and I think you were around one of the spots I scouted out. I’m going to recommend your video on my channel Sunday video tomorrow. Really enjoyed it. Cheers

  3. Steve H
    Steve H says:

    The first part at the salt flats looked like it was off 190 north of Furnace Creek. I walked out there but I don't think I went far enough to find what you were shooting. I went out Mosaic Canyon, but didn't find it very photogenic. I didn't know about Marble Canyon, and chances are I couldn't have made it out there in a Jeep at the time I visited due to the flood damage. Looking forward to the next video. Glad you included the info on Jeep rental, that would be good for getting out to the Eureka Dunes or the Racetrack.


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