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You can pre-order a copy of my 2019 folio here: http://www.scottwaltonphotographs.com/galleries/00-2019-Folio/
(I’m still deciding which images from this trip to include. VERY tough decision!)

In this episode I explore Long Canyon along the Burr Trail in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in south central Utah where the Fall color and reflected light were spectacular.

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  1. Philip Culbertson
    Philip Culbertson says:

    The tree shots were awesome Scott, really beautiful. Sorry to hear about the dark cloth. Having worked in nuclear power for three decades in the human performance area, I was a believer in procedures and repeatable processes and even used checklists to ensure no item left behind. Fortunately as retirement time has increased, extreme measures have diminished but as you said, having a repeatable process such as a last look around really does help. My OCD really kicks in when leaving hotels. I check, recheck and re-re-check to make sure I've got everything. The photos were truly amazing in this one Scott. Very enjoyable to watch.

  2. Steve H
    Steve H says:

    that area looked better than the scenery at Zion. I have that dark cloth also and it fits a little too tightly around the Linholf back. I'm always afraid I am going to move the camera's setup while stretching it over the back.


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