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In this last episode of the trip I remain in Zion National Park and use my 4×5 large format view camera to photograph the amazing Fall colors in the main canyon and the east side washes of the upper plateau.

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12 replies
  1. Bert Cremers
    Bert Cremers says:

    Hi there Scott, again verry nice photographs.
    I especially like the one on time code 4:49min. but as a comment, turn the picture anti clockwise 90 deg. so it is horizontal, it looks much better this way.
    Just something to consider.

  2. Steve H
    Steve H says:

    Productive days spent at the end Scott. I think I'm going to find a Nikkor 200 mm M lens (I have a 210mm Schneider in that mm range). I also have the 300mm M like you. Those are so sharp and light weight.

  3. Alan Huntley
    Alan Huntley says:

    Regarding the two maple grove images, I actually prefer the warmer version, but, I agree with you, that it's too warm. If I had those two images, I would like to see something in between the one you prefer and the much warmer one; say 70% of the cooler one and 30% of the warmer one. For my own personal taste, I'd like to see just a hint of that beautiful warmth from the canyon glow. Nice image, though, regardless!

  4. Steven Allen
    Steven Allen says:

    Hi Scott, I just found your channel. Very nice work – Zion is a very special place that I someday want to visit. The root image is great – the textures, shadowing, and colors are very pleasing. At 7:45 you list an aperture of f64 – I've never seen an fstop that high before, what allows you to get that small? I shoot digital so I don't know anything about film. 😀

  5. Ben Horne
    Ben Horne says:

    It's so great that you were able to return to Zion, and check out some of the same areas you recently visited while you were there with your friends. There's something so very special about seeing how a place changes. Of the two photos from the maple grove, I also prefer the one with the more subtle light. I like how it comes across as so real. You sure had a productive stay in Zion. I really enjoyed the photos, and that one with the decaying trunk along with the leaves is sure a wonderful photo.


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