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The week of Thanksgiving 2018, while driving home to CO, I did my first adventure in Zion National Park. Upon passing the entrance and mesmerized by the beauty of the grandiose stone walls, I was struck with the idea of Josie’s Gems. A born nature-lover, designer of jewelry, healthy spaces and lover of sustainable living tips, I thought short videos to be a fun outlet for authentic sharing.

Over the past year I have come up with different ‘gem’ categories to create short videos of simple treasures I discover while meandering life. There will be health gems, space gems, beauty gems, cat gems, earth gems and of course, jewelry gems. In general tips and findings will be accessible, sustainable, lifestyle gems. Stay tuned for some fun (sustainable cat toys), some scientific (Traditional Chinese Medicine Five Elements), some healthy (car yoga:) and some beautiful treasures (hot springs), Precious Peeps!

To start, this week marks the 100th Anniversary of Zion National Park! I found myself sitting in the Narrows, in the only cavernous place to climb upward and in to the earthen wall, taking a video with the last moments of my camera battery. “This is what we are made of, pure energy, pure beauty”
Blessed Be the Beauty of this Earth Gem!!
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