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On this cold morning (December 2017), I explored/hiked Emeralds Pool at Zion National Park in the state of Utah. Emeralds Pool is a trail for children and adults alike to hike and view breathtaking scenery. There are waterfalls, pools, and a dazzling display of moonlights that create the Emeralds Pool trail system.

Rise Studios/Natural Perfection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLXzp2PO53A
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  1. Rosalinda Worsham
    Rosalinda Worsham says:

    Just letting you know that I am now an avid watcher of your  adventure videos and it all started with your full hike at Angel's Landing. I love your  adventure videos because  it shows your trip from start to finish. I also love ALL the background music you use because  it's mild/soft and not rock and roll. I love the beauty of nature and since I can't do all the travelling, watching your video/s helps , as if, I'm also in that place. Thank you for sharing your adventure/s. Just curious…… how far is this from Angel's Landing  trail?


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