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23 replies
  1. Michael Jurgielski
    Michael Jurgielski says:

    Wow that's amazing if that was a service advisor he didn't know what a knock sensor does a knock sensor is a sensor usually somewhere on the block or under the intake manifold that senses detonation the detonation puts a residence or vibration through the cylinder block this sensor senses that vibration and sends a signal to the computer to retard the timing to eliminate the knock I believe it has a crystal or something inside that detects it and then it sends the ohm signal to the computer so basically it's a vibration sensor because when you get that spark knock or detonation it makes a vibration in the block which is basically two explosions exploding at the same time in the cylinder pushing down on the Piston not a good thing when they Collide that's a knocking sound you're hearing them hitting the top of the piston

  2. Peekaboo Bruizer
    Peekaboo Bruizer says:

    Sounds like a whole bunch of whining to me.
    GM fixed your little problem under warranty relax.
    All new vehicles are pieces of crap built as cheap as possible it’s all about the almighty dollar.
    Those wheels look silly too.
    Taking the truck world backwards IMO.

  3. Seymour Kuntz
    Seymour Kuntz says:

    Thats what you get for buying this new junk. Go get an 86 silverado, have it rebuilt, and put the money you've saved iin the fucking bank. Then you have a real fucking truck, not these creme puff shitboxes.


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