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Finally, the weather pattern I’ve been waiting for brought about an epic 19 snake day in Georgia!

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30 replies
  1. MxCrote
    MxCrote says:

    I kinda chuckled when you started getting hype about finding those copperheads 😅 they’re very common here in Texas for us. Gosh dang close to year round bud! Even now I’m the “winter”

  2. Kelly Clinevell
    Kelly Clinevell says:

    I've never had a day anywhere near that productive. When flipping I decline to roll those logs that come apart for fear of the damage done to the microhabitat but haven't really seen anything written about that. Anyone care to share the general thoughts among herpers about this?

  3. Eddie Vega
    Eddie Vega says:

    I don’t get it :/ is it because you herp every single day? Because I can’t even find the first copperhead of my life. Probably slowly losing hope day by day. Good job though, Noah.

  4. Ian Bachli
    Ian Bachli says:

    I recently moved to Georgia for my PhD program. As a Northerner, winter herping is essentially non existent. This is amazing! I'm excited to do some herping around the Athens area! Great video!

  5. Endless Adventure
    Endless Adventure says:

    Wow so many snakes were out! The past few weeks haven’t been very productive but dang you seemed to be killing it in this video! That Timber was too awesome! Hopefully December won’t disappoint there in GA!

  6. Gecko Oasis
    Gecko Oasis says:

    Looks like you got some sweet herps! Really loved the colour on that baby copperhead, the timber rattlesnake was cool too. Keep it up dude, you're basically my herping outlet for the winter months lol

  7. HuniiTea
    HuniiTea says:

    Man, I live in wayyyy south Georgia and I'm still keeping an eye out for snakes (we found a ratsnake just a few days ago!!)

    Do snakes commonly hide under things during colder days or prefer basking instead? I usually go out looking for insects and don't wanna drop my guard while turning over the wrong log :'D


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