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In this video I spend some time exploring Beacon Tarn close to Coniston in the southern Lake District.

I recently talked about the impact that criticism has had on me as a photographer, causing me to play it safe and to stick to locations and compositions that I know well.

Beside being a bit boring this has had a negative impact on my creativity.

For my first shoot of 2020 I wanted to explore a new location and go in search of new compositions.

This video was inspired by one from my good friend Julian Baird…



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23 replies
  1. Miguel A. Corona
    Miguel A. Corona says:

    Finally got around to watching this one. Conditions the next few days here are dismal with wicked winds which make it a bit unsafe. However a good time to find some new ideas. I watched Julian's video and was interested in the book – but not available until April 1 in US via Amazon? Oh well. Regardless there are other resources such as the Out Door Photography website (link below) which has weekly assignments. Whenever I need some new ideas, I hope on there and browse the content. Great video Chris!

  2. anthonyphotoman
    anthonyphotoman says:

    Great video Chris, wonderful photos again. I noticed on the last photo you kept in the Wind turbines up on the hill which in my opinion is great. Some people would have taken them out but like it or not they are part of the landscape these days and are here to stay which is the same for the ugly pylons that grace the countryside. Nice one buddy.

  3. Ashley Stubbings
    Ashley Stubbings says:

    Don't you just love The Lake District?! Beautiful views, beautiful photography! Perfect! Try not to worry too much about what other people think! Follow your passion, because if you don't, you'll quickly become bored of the whole thing, which would be nothing short of tragic! I think it was Michaelangelo who once said "Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life!"

  4. Christian Irmler - Landscape Photography Vlog
    Christian Irmler - Landscape Photography Vlog says:

    Great video Chris! Yes, I also think beeing spontanious is sometimes a really great idea. I usually plan a lot in front, but I got already really great shots with beeing spontanious – shots which were not possible to plan in that way. This is also the reason why I always have a second camera with me, by the way. While my main camera is in setup and I wait for the right conditions, I use my second camera for picking out details with a longer lens 😉

  5. Jeff Ogden
    Jeff Ogden says:

    Nice one Chris. I realise the Lake District is a large area but I often forget that there are places that you have not yet visited. I think you have found a good spot. I love those rock outcrops at the top! Definitely a return trip in order. I’m glad you included the fourth shot—some really nice layers and something a bit different for you. Cheers mate! 👍

  6. Robert Stephens
    Robert Stephens says:

    Thanks, Chris, for the info. In the very cold parts of Aus the bracken goes brown, but generally stays green, except when we have heatwaves like now! In the distance your bracken looked rather striking.

  7. Simon Booth
    Simon Booth says:

    I think anyone who shoots the Lakes from the fell tops deserves the upmost respect, for I for one find it very difficult. I think your new location Chris looks pretty impressive and look forward to seeing what you get from it in the future. I tell you what though…you should see the shot from there on Fickr…

  8. tony hayes
    tony hayes says:

    Planning too much is like putting blinkers over your eyes. It also induces one to make the same kind of photo everyone else makes. It will KILL your creativity. Go with your heart. What's individual about you – it's your own heart, not someone else's.

  9. Andy Archer
    Andy Archer says:

    Great vlog Chris. I have the same mentality as you in that I like to plan things in advance, but once in a while it is good to just let it go………… I am liking the last shot with its diagonal lines (James will be pleased with you😊). Keep the vlogs coming Chris and all the best for 2020. 👍


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