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Most RVers dream of getting in our RV’s, hitting the road and traveling the country. We want to see new places, meet new people, learn new things. Today we are going to talk about our favorite RV locations, the cities and states we love most. We also want to hear from you, we want to know if you have an RV where do you like to take it and why? If you do not own an RV yet, but are shopping for one where do you dream of taking after you purchase your RV? 
Kenny’s favorite RV destination is Zion National parks, he enjoys the hiking and spectacular views from the trails, he enjoyed the campground and the nearby town that had everything from local shops to sit down restaurants, breweries, coffee shops and take out. There are shuttles at the campground to take you to the starting points of each trail, it is like an all-inclusive national park vacation.
Sabrina loves Arizona, she loves everything about it. The beauty in the mountains the sunrises and sunsets, the calming of the desert and the peace and quiet of boondocking out in the middle of nowhere. Arizona really does have the most impressive sunsets, the contrast of the desert sand mixed with some red rock mountains is just amazing.
Let us know down in the comments where do you like to RV and do you have a bucket list destination?
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  1. M S
    M S says:

    Great discussion. Not sure if you guys have done this, but a diagram/map of your travels/overnights would be great to see and watch as you travel along…(Of course keeping location/safety in mind.

  2. Patricia Ortega
    Patricia Ortega says:

    why don't you guys get out there and show us videos. too many 'lives'. I would like to see video episodes of your adventures, not just sitting in the RV and talking to the camera. just a suggestion.

  3. RN - RV Chronicles
    RN - RV Chronicles says:

    How about Tennessee?? LOL in 2020! Oh yeah!! Katie and I are working on the debt free still. In much less debt this year but not quit there yet. One of the reasons we are looking to sell this coach and get a older diesel pusher! And we want to do a remodel and make it our own! Great video guys! Yeah mon!! LOL

  4. Live Elevated
    Live Elevated says:

    We own a small class C. I'm born raised and still living in Bensalem PA. (My mother was from Mayfair and Kenny you sound like you are from that area). (Love you guys, thanks for all your great videos) Our hearts are out west and I have been visiting the national parks for the last 20 years. I agree Zion is best of all 5 of Utah's park. I've been to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons about 14 different times, so I'm going to say they are definitely favorites (LoloHo agrees). Best to visit in off season or tour very early morning before the crowds then chill in the afternoon. Beartooth Hwy from Cooke City to Red Lodge MT is a must see (perhaps in tow car, it is quite a climb). Mt Rainier is also a favorite. But if you have never seen the Tetons, you must see them. Even just driving through will leave you totally in awe. Canada and Alaska are both on my bucketlist, haven't been, so i can't speak about those places (yet!!)

  5. Roy Davis
    Roy Davis says:

    We agree that each place has its own fascination and beauty but our favorite by far is Denali National Park. We're hoping to return within the next couple years. One place we enjoyed that few Americans have visited in Ivanhoe lake Provincial Park in Foleyet, Ontario, Canada.


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