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I caught a flash flood on film as it occurred. Was pretty amazing to see in person. The sheer brutality, the noise, even the smell. Made my day being there to experience it. The camera doesn’t do it justice, but it still made a decent video IMO. This is where it passed under Sheep ridge road in Virgin, UT. Here is the exact position on google maps: https://maps.google.com/?ll=37.198969,-113.2117&spn=0.001775,0.004128&t=h&z=19
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  1. Linda T
    Linda T says:

    @Jake Wow… how long were you stranded there? We had a huge flash flood were I used to live in Boscastle in Cornwall, a huge major incident so lucky no one was killed. Floods came crashing through the centre of our village in 2004 washing homes and cars into the sea, we had a dozen or more helicopters trying to rescue people, I now have anxiety every time we have heavy rains…

  2. Jake
    Jake says:

    If you are looking for more data, there is another video of this event further upriver at DNgpI03nWFM I can't put the link up but just replace those numbers and it should work. It's named "Flash Flood Beginning Near Virgin Utah & Zion National Park " by a user named "canyonlandmedia". Really neat video as he is 10 feet away from it instead of up on a safe cliff like I was. I would guess this would be a half hour before it hit my location.

  3. Jake
    Jake says:

    The time stamp on the recording says it started 6:53PM on 8/19/2012 and stopped at 7:01. I don't think I sped up or cropped the video in any way. I'm going to try and edit the video and link the exact spot on google maps for those who want an exact location. It's not letting me link it in comments.

  4. Nanette Hosenfeld
    Nanette Hosenfeld says:

    I work for the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City. I'm trying to gather flash flood reports to verify our warnings. Could you tell me what day and approximate time this was?


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