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This was the day I had anticipated most when thinking about my Zion trip. Flying is always best when shared with friends, and on this trip I took up fellow large format photographers Ben Horne, Justin Lowery, and Marty Quinn for an aerial tour of the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and several other famous landscapes along the way. It was a day I’ll never forget!

Flying in the Cessna 210, we traversed each of the 4 VFR corridors in the Grand Canyon. These are special areas where airplanes can fly over the park at specific altitudes. It’s an incredible way to be able to experience the Grand Canyon.

Once we flew over the park, we headed north to Zion. Along the way, the guys pointed out areas such as White Pocket, The Wave, and Coyote Gulch. I was thankful to have them along; otherwise, I never would have known where these areas were.

As before, Zion was truly special from above. We got to experience the full magnitude of the better-than-normal fall color as the colors REALLY popped from up above. Once back on the ground, Ben and I had some unfinished push-up contest business. I’ll let you watch his video and determine for yourself who won…
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  1. CWKmedia
    CWKmedia says:

    Thanks for another great video! I take a lot of inspiration from yours and Ben’s videos, it was great to meet you in Zion in person this year! (You took the Polaroid photo of me and my wife in a wash on the east side ;-))


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