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I know that my normal “travelling to Zion” videos aren’t the most interesting. Basically it’s just me trying desperately to make flying commercial look exciting. Spoiler alert: it’s not! So this year I decided to spice up my normal Day 1 video by fling myself to Zion!

I have been a pilot for a little over nine years, and it’s always been a dream of mine to fly myself out to Zion. It’s never really been a possibility though because all of the rental planes available were too slow. However this year I was able to join a group owning a Cessna 210 which is far faster and just more capable of such a trip.

I had originally hoped to make the entire trip in one day, which would be a long day, but it would be possible. However, a large weather system had been hovering over the desert southwest bringing low clouds and freezing temps. I’m an instrument rated pilot, so flying through the clouds isn’t an issue. The ice that would have accumulated in those clouds however, was an issue. So I made the safe call to land in Kansas and let the system pass as it was predicted to do.

This is the video of that flight. I might could have made it all the way to Zion, but this was the safest option. I hope you enjoy!!
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26 replies
  1. There by Air
    There by Air says:

    Hey man, I really enjoyed your video. We recently completed a flight from NC to UT and back, and stopped at Alva for fuel on the return flight. Met Santino the airport dog there too just like you did! Ha! Really neat trip and great video man!

  2. Brad Armstrong
    Brad Armstrong says:

    Alan, For me, this is the best large format video I've ever seen and totally without the camera. It's all about passion weather it be flying or photography you got to have to be successful in anything. Keep on, keeping on!


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