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The canyon leg of the USA trip had some epic scenery!
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  1. bagnome
    bagnome says:

    That bridge overlooking the Hover Dam is the Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. It's relatively new; opened in 2010 to become the new alignment of US-93. Before then, the dam road was the main passageway for the alignment. Since the opening of the bridge, the Arizona side of the old alignment has been cut off making the route no longer a thru road. The bridge is the largest concrete arch bridge in North America and the highest concrete arch bridge in the world.

  2. Chance P
    Chance P says:

    The Hoover dam is at an all-time low. Water is being sold out from under the residents of the communities that it serves. That's the reason you are able to see the difference in color. The light color meeting the dark earth is where the water Mark used to be.

  3. Jonathan Pierson
    Jonathan Pierson says:

    So, Barry, any chance we're going to see do-it-at-home versions of any of the foods you ran across on your trip? 🙂 I'd love to see a recipe for that butter cream shake you had in Vegas. Or maybe that bear claw/fritter. Or maybe a way to make fake alligator meat …

  4. zroverz
    zroverz says:

    You just traveled through God's country. Absolutely phenomenal. Too bad you didn't have enough time to take some hikes through Zion and Bryce canyon. You would do yourself a favor by making a second trip to those areas with your wife and kids. Best place to be with the ones you love. Enjoy San Francisco. Its a pretty great place as well. Travel safe.

  5. Hope Cox
    Hope Cox says:

    My husband and I made this trip from Tennessee to Los Angeles 2 years ago but didn't have time to drop by the Grand Canyon or Bryson Natl Park – so it's lovely to see you guys' footage of these parks! That area of the West is definitely the most beautiful and you guys picked the perfect time of year to go. We had gone in June/July and it was 110F in the day and 75-80F at night, not the best temps for exploring the parks! Thanks for all the work you guys put into these videos, they're phenomenal.

  6. Jesse C
    Jesse C says:

    Something truly amazing about the Hoover Dam is that the concrete inside will be curing for another 50 years. Concrete generates heat as it hardens, and pipes laid in the foundation circulate river water through the pipes to keep it cool and from crumbling. Pretty amazing.


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