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UPDATE: The IRONMAN North American Championship St. George has been postponed until September 19, 2020.
Greater Zion discusses impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Tourism
HURRICANE, UTAH – (3/12/2020) – Representatives in the travel and tourism industry in southern Utah are tracking the coronavirus or COVID-19 as it moves across the globe.
Because of the pandemic, visitors and travelers are having to make some tough decisions right now.
Those working in the tourism industry are already feeling the economic impacts of trips being canceled as well as events and gatherings.
Those depending upon tourism are hoping the pandemic will wear down soon, so that Greater Zion marketing plans can continue to thrive.

NOTE: As of March 16, Zion National Park has closed down all shuttle service as well as the visitors center. Parking will be allowed inside the main canyon in the park until it’s full.
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