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In this episode Andrew takes the Hasselblad X1D II 50C to Zion National Park to put it through its paces and to answer the question, is medium format for him?

A demo copy of the Hasselblad X1D II was sent to us by Hasselblad for this review. The camera is their’s. Andrew’s thoughts are his own.
Hasselblad X1D-50c: https://geni.us/TvUY
Hasselblad XCD 45mm f/3.5: https://geni.us/uIOQ
Hasselblad XCD 90mm f/3.2: https://geni.us/kwmFStD

Filmed with:
Canon RP: https://geni.us/n24d6
Canon EOS 24mm f2.8 OIS: https://geni.us/qAWfK

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Autumn by Snowblink
When Lines are Curved by How Great Were the Robins
Marionette by How Great Were the Robins
Fall by Windwell


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25 replies
  1. Howard Maryon-Davis
    Howard Maryon-Davis says:

    I use digital medium format for work, I shoot high end “hero” shots for jewelry and other luxury items in my studio in England. I am mainly a studio photographer and always use artificial lighting, so my field of expertise on “medium format” is narrow, but may be helpful. The larger receptors on the imaging sensor allow for a wider tonal range in the image, and that translates into more recoverable detail in the highlights and shadows. For jewelry work, that is a big plus. I can see how that would also be valuable in landscape photography, and portraiture. Otherwise, for wildlife, journalism and sports, the “full frame” 35mm sensors from the top manufacturers are more than adequate, in a fast to use, high frame rate package, with a vast array of lenses. All my work is retouched by specialist retouchers, and they prefer the large files as it makes their work easier.

  2. George K
    George K says:

    Great video and thanks. I own the SONY A7R3 and R4 and few Hasselblad. We simply cannot compare Medium Sensors with full frame and 4/3s. Each category has its mission and purpose. Any person who does cross category comparison totally misses the point or they have never emerged themselves deep enough into the trenches of photography…!!!

  3. Jamie Maldonado
    Jamie Maldonado says:

    Awesome shots! I'm behind, but that's cool that you're in UX design. I'm breaking into that, granted I've technically been in the field for 20 years? Anyway, definitely some nice takes on the UI that most people don't go deeply enough into.

  4. John Hughes
    John Hughes says:

    I have not got to the end of your video yet. But I must say I have the X1D version 1, and as a stills camera for me it is just amazing and the results bot in the studio and landscape are stunning. But it is not a sports camera and not an every day camera. The lenses product some of the nice images have ever done and shooting tethered though wifi is amazingly simply and so fast. yes there are areas that it could do better. https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnhjic/albums/72157700210729701

  5. Fellow Citizen
    Fellow Citizen says:

    10:35 Sigma fp, Quattro, and Quattro H have 21:9 X-PAN-esque ratio options if your "monetary pain threshold" is not so high. And, of course, the Fuji GFX cameras have precisely the 65:24 XPAN aspect ratio option since they built the X-PAN 😉 Not that I'm trying to talk you out of it, because it's a very appealing camera (personally, I'd expect that a lot of photographers would be adapting lenses to it, thus having the mechanical manual focus experience afterall.)

    So the Sigma is 7:3 whereas the X-PAN, GFX and X1D have ~8:3

    There are a couple of shots here, I think: http://www.photobyrichard.com/reviewbyrichard/sigma-sd-quattro-review/

    Speaking of aspect ratios, the SIGMA fp has a unique ratio (√2:1) which matches the proportions of A4 paper and A1 film posters etc so that printing can be done without waste: https://www.sigma-global.com/en/cameras/fp-series/specifications/ (that's a square root symbol, in case it doesn't render, so about 1.41:1)

  6. Daniel Quirin
    Daniel Quirin says:

    The shot at the end is lovely — your posting this video is about two years to the day my brother and I (from New York) visited Zion. We were taken aback by the place's beauty and amazed at what a madhouse it was on a Wednesday in mid-November. Your very lucky to have such a bucket list destination in your backyard.

    One question: in the video you mentioned the final detail and microcontrast readily visible in the Hasselblad images which you weren't used to with Fuji APS-C. Would you say you've seen the same thing with Sony FF compared to Fuji APS-C?

  7. GKhan
    GKhan says:

    As a GFX100 user and X-pro2 user, I love the design of X1DII camera however autofocus is very slow compared to Fuji. Lack of joystick is big problem for me and I don't understand why they can not put that thing to the camera! Hasselblad still should improve too many things on this camera and make X1DMARKIII lol

  8. Maxim Ellison
    Maxim Ellison says:

    Still watching the video, but I just wanted to say that immediately I noticed you were vlogging with a different camera than normal. More background separation, nice colours, good focusing, who knew the RP could give good results for video!

  9. Chip Rock
    Chip Rock says:

    I would get the GFX 100 when comparing the cost of the Hassy and lenses. But the GFX 50MP cameras are a steal compared to the 'Hassle-bad'. I've adapted my Pentax 67 lenses to the GFX and its a manual focus dream. The Pentax 105mm and the 45mm are the 'leica' experience you described…and the GF 45 lens is mindblowing.

  10. IllumiGraphic
    IllumiGraphic says:

    Andrew…. Thanks for the shout out of me at 18:54!!! It was a pleasure to meet you at Zion NP while you were shooting this video a few days ago. It was so cool to run into you….. I want to tell your followers, you are the same guy in person, and such a pleasure to talk to. Keep up the awesome work on fuji, and other photo related content here. Hopefully Fuji will lend you a GFX (50 series or 100) soon…. Have a great upcoming holiday season!

  11. bloffi
    bloffi says:

    I feel you. In my opinion only printing big justifies digital medium format. Otherwise I would stick to Fuji FX.
    As much as I liked the Film 500 series, I am no fan of this Hasselblad. Severe overheating and software problems and quite bad repair service from Hasselblad Europe would not pick me up this bad boy. Instead I invested in the GFX and I‘m really happy with it.

  12. **
    ** says:

    Should you go medium format….um not with this camera. I have both and the Fuji blows it away. Once your realize you can’t really shoot it handheld below 1/125 you have to raise your iso and the image quality suffers. Also extremely slow to focus. It’s still buggy and their customer service leaves a lot to be desired…

  13. Herco le Fèvre
    Herco le Fèvre says:

    It’s a bit disappointing to hear that the camera still doesn’t perform as it should in terms of lag times and blackouts. Hasselblad touted their improvements so highly and with the price drop it would have been a great opportunity to get into medium format (albeit a cropped medium format just like the GFX…). The real ‘full sized’ medium formats like Hasselblad H and Phase One are way out there in terms of financial reach (and even slower btw)


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