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In April 2019, I and three others set out on foot from the Cosmic Eye, a geological oddity 15 miles ESE of the town of Escalante, UT. Twenty-six days later, after 275 miles of hiking westward through canyons, arroyos, washes and all manner of desert landscape (for the Hayduke is not really a “trail”), we arrived at the Kolob Canyons, on the western margin of Zion National Park.

The hike was self-supported, meaning among other things that all our food was buried (or otherwise stored) in advance at four pre-selected resupply points. Our drinking water came from natural sources such as streams, seeps and springs, and was of course filtered before drinking.

Andreas, our embedded documentarian, made this “short” film chronicling our journey. In addition to him, this video features our trip leader (and principal narrator) Alan , Wally and Dave (me). Cameo appearances are made by Alan’s wife Linda, their dog Guapo and our friend Mike, who joined us for the first few days of the hike.
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