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Heaps Canyon is one of the premiere slots canyons in Zion National Park. It requires advanced technical skills and generally takes anywhere from 12-20 hours to complete. However, the scenery is absolutely stunning and it’s an epic adventure. We did Heaps Canyon in May 2016 right after it had been raining a lot. It was full of water so we didn’t have to do any pothole escapes. In fact, it was a lot of fun jumping into the pools of water. The final 3-stage rappel into the Emerald Pools was exciting, especially since we had to fit all 5 of us on a small, exposed ledge.
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  1. Cody Vann
    Cody Vann says:

    Are you OK with me using an image from this video on a blog? I am asking for copyright purposes. I want to make sure you are cool with it. You take amazing photos. Cheers!

  2. Time Space
    Time Space says:

    These are probably some of the best pictures and footage of any canyoneering adventure. Nice job! I'm curious what your photo kit was composed of. I imagine it was a lot to haul!

  3. Ptuffgong
    Ptuffgong says:

    Very nice. Nicely shot as well, thanks for the upload. Did Boundary a few weeks ago. Pine Creek, Heaps, and Imlay are on my list. As soon as I find someone who's been through it. I've got the climbing skills, but need to learn more about pothole escape. I've done many in the Roost.


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