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Continuing on our journey across the southwest, Matt and I face some challenges in Cedar City, Utah. The winds are high (30 knots) and the Density altitude is high (8200 feet).

Working as a team, we put together a solid plan to takeoff out of the area and head toward Zion National Park, on our way to Santa Fe.

This long flight would really test our endurance as pilots. It’s easier when you have two pilots that can share the duties throughout the day. Cuts down on the fatigue. Overall, it was a really enjoyable and beautiful flight.

Right along and see how pilots do what they do and roll with the punches. We weren’t even supposed to go to Cedar City, as we diverted here for fuel reasons. It all worked out and we ended up enjoying our lunch and ride in the funny crew car.

Matt has recently been going through all his flight training. At the time of this video he hadn’t quite gotten his Commercial Rating, but had just finished his instrument rating. He was already flying like a professional and conducted himself very well. He’s well on his way in the aviation community, and runs a company called Winged Aviation that helps Veterans get into aviation.

Let me know if you have any questions about the flight.
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  1. Gary Williams
    Gary Williams says:

    Great video Chris glad I found you through Aviation 101. I live in Albuquerque and fly out of Double Eagle. Love the Four Corners and Santa Fe. Glad you made it to my little part of the country.

  2. Will
    Will says:

    That's a take off to be proud of. As an east coast pilot I've never had to deal with DA or mountainous terrain. Good stuff and solid editing. Not sure I'd want to go over that in a piston single or without a BRS but that's me.


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