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We hiked the Hidden Canyon Trail in Zion National Park, Utah. This hike is out and back. The first half of the hike is strenuous with switchbacks. The second part of the path is flatter and much more narrow, with a steep drop off. Chains have been installed to help hiking that section. The views from the trail are amazing.

Most people turn around once they hit the official end of the trail. You can keep hiking in Hidden Canyon after a little climb on a big rock. Hidden Canyon is gorgeous, peaceful and you will be rewarded with a beautiful Arch on the side of the trail 0.75 mile (1.2 km) after the end of the official trail. We had to take turns to see the arch as we could not go over the rock blocking the path with the baby carrier.

The lady and her son hiking at the end of the video were locals. She was 74 years old and hiking at a really good pace. Really amazing woman!

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  1. Brother Dunne
    Brother Dunne says:

    This is awesome, I love the areas you have visited. had a hard time choosing where I would start! We headed to Zion a few years back when my daughter was 2! This hike LOOKS AWESOME..I love ridge hikes that involve chains. I wish I knew about this trail when I was in the area. Ha you guys hike the same way we do with a young one on toll. That arch is super cool. Well I'm a minute in and already know I love this channel!!! Looking forward to connecting…Love other outdoor families. Enertaining from the begininning to end.

  2. M&M Motorsports
    M&M Motorsports says:

    A dangerous place to be during a flood. 3 large waterfalls will form covering the trail to pass and the trail will flood. Me and my wife got stuck in the flood in 2015 that killed a total of 13 people. We were on this trail when it hit. I still wake up thinking about it and feeling blessed to be alive. Always check the weather when hiking it was a clear blue sky when we started the hike and the weather turned with out a warning.


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