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Views alongside the most scenic trail in the Grand Teton National Park: Paintbrush Canyon – Cascade Canyon Loop. The hike is 12 hours, 19-mile/31-km long.

The major trails/points along the way are: String Lake Trail (1:04) – Paintbrush Canyon Trail (1:22) – Holly Lake (9,410ft/2,870m) (3:20) – Paintbrush Divide (10,700ft/3,260m) (4:27) – Lake Solitude (6:50) – Lake Solitude Trail (8:12) – Cascade Canyon Trail (9:07) – Inspiration Point (10:50) – Hidden Waterfall (11:10) – Jenny Lake (11:35) – String Lake Trailhead.

Recorded September 7, 2014 in 4K (Ultra HD) with Sony AX100.

Ending Satellites – And so sing the black birds
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43 replies
  1. Richard Rubicam
    Richard Rubicam says:

    The scenery is spectacular, of course. My compliments on your video quality, which is excellent. I enjoyed the steadiness (probably tripos mounted) with nice slow pans and zooms. I've started to watch many videos of the Teton crest trail, but soon stopped because they were obviously taken bouncing down the trail with the camera held on a selfie stick. Those guys should view your video to see how it ought to be done.

  2. Deibys Marquez
    Deibys Marquez says:

    Great Video.
    I am planning to visit Grand Teton soon your video is amazing can you tell me where to stay and how to get more information to visit what you showing in this video and also how many days do you recommend to visit this beautiful place.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. gotravel
    gotravel says:

    Wow man this is just beautiful! I missed this one during my trip 🙁
    So very well filmed, I'm so jealous 😀
    What king of tripod are you using and how do you manage to rotate your camera so smoothly and at the same speed every time? 
    You def. live in such beautiful country !

  4. Gbfolger26
    Gbfolger26 says:

    That is a bold call in saying that this is the most scenic trail. I lived in the park for three months this summer and did all of the hikes in the park including this one. While this hike was incredibly beautiful, I would not classify it in my top five in the park. I recommend the following to anyone who is interested: Hanging Canyon to Lake of the Crags and Rock Of Ages, Delta Lake, Death Canyon-connected with Static Peak or the Shelf, and even the Teton Crest Trail if time allows. All that being said this is a beautiful video and I was not putting your opinion down I just thought I would share my insight as well. Take Care.

  5. Coby Schimmel
    Coby Schimmel says:

    Hello Milos: Each time, again and again, with a lot of ohoh and ayay I enjoy to watch your uploads and I thank you very much for all those beautifull gifts you share with us! Warm greetings, Coby


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