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We get to do a hike in the AMAZING area of Fundy National Park, before continuing on the RV adventure to Moncton, New Brunswick to replace our lost DJI pocket 🙁. A little bit of RV prep before we head off to PEI, the smallest province in all of Canada!

Welcome back friends! This video here today is recorded on our Samsung Galaxy phone not our typical DJI pocket we use. Sucks we lost it last vlog but we’ve got it replaced now. It just is so useful for vlogging on the go since it is so small and pocket sized instead of lugging around a huge camera.

We got out and did a little hike at a trail near Michael’s Head in Fundy National Park. We wanted to see more of the park but the camera set us back a bit, so we will be returning for more exploration here on the return trip through Canada as well. The Bay of Fundy is such a neat area of the Atlantic Ocean. The tides here are among the biggest changing in the world so it made for some spectacular rock formations and viewpoints. We plan to go to Hopewell Rock on the way back too and watch them change there.

After enjoying the first half of the day in nature, it was time to take the RV to the city of Moncton and stock her up. We knew we’d spend the night at Walmart, grab groceries and then overnight in the parking lot, and Best Buy was right nearby so it worked out perfect to get restocked after a few days out camping so to speak. Moncton was a busy little town but it got the job done and we’re ready to explore PEI! Heads up it’s been amazing so far everyone. The 10 minute RV ride across the bridge alone was so cool.

Big one up next time everyone and the adventure continues. Hit the like to show some support if you enjoyed today’s content and we’ll see you Saturday so make sure to subscribe as well!

Thanks friends and take care!

Luke and Alysha
A quick run down of our channel and life recently;

Basically in mid 2018, we quite our jobs, listed and sold our house (eventually) to pursue some full time travel and adventure for a bit in life. We bought our 23 ft class c RV / Motorhome in November of 2018, and prepared to full time RV like Canadian snowbirds do through winter, until returning to beautiful Canada once it’s warmed up again and summer has arrived.

Unfortunately however, we had some RV border crossing troubles, and they thought we wanted to over stay our 6 months in the USA. We are technically allowed 6 months in the USA / year as Canadians without a Visa as long as you don’t work in the USA. We had no intention of working, as we still had the proceeds from the sale of our Condo to travel with but the USA border agents thought otherwise. We tried showing them all our documentation 2 days in a row, we even still had 2 cars in Canada registered to us but they refused to budge. Devastated and heartbroken we needed to come up with a plan B travel idea.

That is when while camping / vlogging at Golden Ears provincial park with our RV after being denied at the border (older videos of those vlogs on our channel as well) we came up with our plan B. We ended up doing just shy of 2 months in Thailand and Bali in the start of 2019 to still escape the Canadian winters. We still vlogged to practice for when we came back to the RV vlog life, and have some extra vlogging experience as well. Asia was a blast to travel but as of the end of April, we’ve been back in Canada.

We now are in the early steps of our across Canada road trip in the motorhome. We love the adventure and freedom full time RVing has provided. We rarely have plans or set dates we just live the nomadic lifestyle moving at the pace we feel. So far we have started in central BC, went through the AMAZING rocky mountains and Banff, the hoodoo and badlands of Alberta, the prairies and sand dunes of Saskatchewan, saw a wild bear and a wild buffalo at Riding Mountain National Park Manitoba, fought a swarm of mosquitos and had plenty of adventure in the woods of Ontario with plenty more happening as we continue! Join the adventure with us friends! 🙂

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6 replies
  1. Adventure Shark
    Adventure Shark says:

    I am so jealous. When I took my RV trip around the Fundy and New Brunswick I wanted to go to Newfoundland but the price of the ferry was just a little steep for me. But on my next trip I will be going. I can hardly wait to see your trip so I know what to expect.

  2. Lori Gunter
    Lori Gunter says:

    Glad you were able to get the camera you wanted! Prince Edward Island, yay! Anne of Green Gables has been a favorite of mine since childhood so I’m looking forward to your videos of the island 😊

  3. F&T
    F&T says:

    Great trip so far guys. So will you be doing the Cabot trail on Cape Breton Island? Safe travels and good luck with the new camera. Cheers!!!


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