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Hiking The Narrows In Zion National Park | Utah | Southern Utah | Slot Canyon Hike

It is not hard to see why people flock to go hike the Narrows located in the Zion National Park in Utah. It literally took my breath away. Zions National Park is located in Southern Utah. It was the first National Park in Utah and the park is home to some of the states most popular hikes. Ryan and I got up super early to make sure that we were at the mouth of the Narrows at 6am in the morning. We wanted to get a head start before there were too many hikers. We started our trek getting a parking space and then hopping on the shuttle bus. We read a lot of reviews and made sure we had good hiking shoes and hiking sticks so that we could easily maneuver through the water. The Narrows is the narrowest section of the Zion Canyon and is fed by the Virgin River. In some places we encountered only angle deep water, but in other spots we were waist deep. The gorge’s walls are literally a thousand feet tall. You really get the feel for just how small you are compared to nature. We began our water journey at the Temple of Sinawava and headed up stream towards Orderville Canyon. No permits were required. The water was cold but we soon got use to the temperature. A day earlier we checked with the ranger station to make sure that there was no flood warnings in place. The Narrows are susceptible to flash flooding and we really did not want to take any chances. Although it was only a 5 mile hike, we ended up spending half a day in the canyon. With each step we had to make sure that our footing was secure and stable. But I cannot emphasize just how amazing this hike was. The colors in the slot is absolutely stunning. Any photographers dream! Wall Street delivered breathtaking shots of immensely high canyon walls. You can just stand in awe of the beauty and sheer size of the slot. It is really hard to take any bad photos while on this hike. On our way back we suspected we would encounter a lot of other hikers, but we were amazed at just how many people. All and all I have to say that the Narrows in Zion is probably one of my top 10 hikes in Utah.
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