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Entire hike of the Subway at Zion National Park. Over six hours of Canyoneering in just 20+ min.
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  1. Barbara Corbellini Duarte
    Barbara Corbellini Duarte says:

    Hey! I'm a producer for INSIDER Travel and I'm working on a video about this place. Would love to feature you on it. Would you be OK with us using some of your video? Please let me know. We would give you onscreen credit. Thank you!

  2. Ronald Bettendorf
    Ronald Bettendorf says:

    Great representation of the subway hike!  We just did this hike for the first time a few weeks ago.  We were a group of 5; 2 ladies in our 50's a 15 year old girl and 2 twenty-three  year old guys, (1 an eagle scout and the other very fit and outdoorsy, none of us had done this kind of hike before) The guys had a little experience with trail finding, but none repelling. Everything we knew about repelling and the new equipment we brought, we learned from YouTube  two weeks before the hike. This hike can be done without much experience, BUT caution!  It is a LONG/ HARD hike for the inexperienced person!!! It took us about 9 hours.  The last part of the hike; once you come out of the Subway, is the killer…everything before that is GREAT and exciting! I would do that part again in a heartbeat!  BUT once out of the Subway your faced with getting out of the canyon, which consists of 3 or 4 hours of bolder hoping and trail finding in the riverbed. I can not emphasize enough how tiring this part of the hike is!In all of my research and video watching no one really explained this part well…it is shown in this video, but (again not explained) it's much harder and more intense than it looks…after the long tiring hours of hiking  through the river bed, comes  the last, but most surely not the least part of the  hike  out of the canyon… up a near vertical cliff wall trail, and I use the word trail loosely (until you get to the top) You can see them in the video walking the trail to the parking lot. You have to climb out of the canyon before you get to that part!  The climb out of the canyon is marked by a small sign which if your on the left side of the creek you will miss! So be watchful and stay right if you can! You will have to cross the river / creek back and fort many times during the hike to the canyon exit point.   I suggest you slow the last 5 min of the video down and watch it closely… if you don't have much experience with this kind of hike you will at least be more aware of what your getting into.  NOTE: more people do the hike from the bottom up…IMHO this is simply doing the worst part of the hike twice.  Not my idea of fun. I'd much rather do top down then back up, than the last 4 hours out once.  Also note if I had read my own review I'm not sure I would have tried the Subway.. and I'm glad beyond measure that I did!  I'm simply saying be aware of what your getting into.  This is not an easy hike.

  3. delvis11
    delvis11 says:

    Thank you posting this video and sharing. I have a question for you.
    My wife and I are going to the subway in a couple of weeks. We are not repeller's and don't have any training doing it. The part where you have to pump across the rock where the log used to be, how far of a jump is that and in your opinion is it a dangerous jump? I am 6' ft tall and I know I wont have a problem with it however my wife is 5' 4" and somewhat athletic. do you think we will have a problem with the jump?


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