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Join me as I hike through Zion National Park including conquering my fear of heights hiking up to Angel’s Landing. Sketchiest hike I’ve done to date. I also hike for the first time through water in the deep canyon of The Narrows. This is my first visit to Zion and the fall color is amazing throughout the park. The views and scenery are stunning!

Cat Adventures Graphic by Ed Marino. Contact Ed here:



Ross Bugden – DRIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pZdZiPnsGs

SOLO ACOUSTIC GUITAR by Jason Shaw http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Jas… Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 United States— CC BY 3.0 US http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b… Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/4M9Puanhdac

Acoustic guitar arrangement for song by TRow https://soundcloud.com/megatrev Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b… Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/VxhdAV9PomQ

Awaken – Whitesand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tusyYOwiQPE

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Acoustic/Folk Instrumental by Hyde – Free Instrumentals https://soundcloud.com/davidhydemusic Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b… Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/YKdXVnaHfo8

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Shot With:

Sony RX100 III
Canon 5D Mark IV
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40 replies
  1. Steve Duffy
    Steve Duffy says:

    Beautiful job with the video – I've done all 3 hikes you did, years ago, and your videos captured it all so beautifully, and took me back in time when I could do these hikes. I can still do the Narrows, as I did it a couple of years ago, but Angels Landing is now beyond my capabilities, but the memories last a lifetime, and it's fun to relive them through your wonderful video footage -thanks for the memories!

  2. Brett Thomas
    Brett Thomas says:

    I know this is an old vid, but you mentioned staying in Mesquite NV… next time your passing through that area on the I15, there is a nice little BLM campground (Virgin River Campground) just north of Mesquite NV. It's actually in the corner of Arizona as the I15 passes into Arizona between Nevada and Utah. It's got some very pretty rock formations across the Virgin River.. makes for a nice overnight location (better than a Walmart parking lot) when traveling that section of I 15.

  3. YouSurf 2
    YouSurf 2 says:

    not been on NARROWS yet, but I would also suggest the following due to flash flood issues and being stranded on a side of the river on a sloped bank…………. A lightweight rain pancho or a garbage bag to make one…. a piece of rope or strong paracord, maybe 20 ft…. and a SPACE BLANKET emergency blanket in event you are wet, then get stranded and itis cold in shadows. The rope is to help you stay tied to a tree or something if flooding is below you and you want to stay put but are straining.

  4. YouSurf 2
    YouSurf 2 says:

    best to do angels landing in the early AM… Do not want it to be too crowded like a subway station as it can get in afternoon.
    Zion is magnificant… LOVE the stone colors. First half of May is also good to go there, and I bet April also, but you did get the colors of autumn here and there. Ihad spring green variations at about May 7th when I was there in 2013. Funny, when I got to the top, there were 4 guys who also got to the top who went up the rock face..YIKES. They (all rock climbers-free climbers) are insane.

  5. Karen Hild
    Karen Hild says:

    What a stunning place….congratulations on Angel’s Landing and conquering your fear. I passed (chickened out) on it as soon as the chains appeared. Your photography is wonderful.

  6. RobJuni
    RobJuni says:

    Zion is beautiful. I passed on Angels Landing due to my fear of heights. The Narrows is a nice hike, I did it late June when water levels were lower. Love your videos, great photography!

  7. Larry Maniccia
    Larry Maniccia says:

    Great video Cat. You definitely featured some of the best Zion has to offer. Brings back great memories of the trip i made there last fall. Zion is definitely a hikers dream. I look forward to going back next year.

  8. Chris Seaward
    Chris Seaward says:

    Great vids and incredible scenery. Did you happen to notice the fast moving object between 18.13 and 18.17 did a 90degree turn, not a bug or bird. slowed it down to 25% and it was still fast.

  9. Hank Bern
    Hank Bern says:

    Hey Catherine….just came across your site….you are very good!!!Angels Landing is not for us…I am not good with heights as I get older…kuddos to your partner!!! Very interesting….Looking forward to viewing your other work…We were there a couple of years ago and only hiked the Narrows….lots of fun…Anyway….keep up the good work……Hank and Pam

  10. John Eason
    John Eason says:

    Hi Cat,
    Just had to rewatch this video since coming back from there 5.2.19 FANTASTIC. If you need a hiking partner on the Narrows coming down stream. I'm your huckleberry! Reach out to me. Last week with snow melt and flash flooding from the thunderstorms did not get to hike the narrows, went back to the end of the trail, and the ranger's were right water was way too fast. Passed on it this time. Fall colors and a fall hike sounds good to me.

  11. Suburban Hiker
    Suburban Hiker says:

    Ok, I just came across your channel today, so I have a lot of catching up to do and this is basically the first video I've watched. GREAT footage of the AMAZING scenery, BUT, my most FAVORITE part is… OMG! You're watching #joerobinet on your phone! How AWESOME!? That is a fantastic piece of video footage, WELL DONE!

  12. Sylvia Pineda
    Sylvia Pineda says:

    Thanks for your awesome video. I will be hiking Angels Landing next week and I am SO nervous. Watching you doing it is giving me that push to go for it. I figured if i take my time and just be extra careful i should be okay. I am also doing The Narrow, can't wait for that hike it looks beautiful… 💙

  13. Mowcowbell
    Mowcowbell says:

    I chickened out when I got to the chains on Angels Landing. The next day I hiked to Observation Point. Less exposure on the trails and you end up looking down on hikers on Angels Landing. Also, far few hikers on the trail.

  14. Kristina
    Kristina says:

    I couldn't do this. The height, and the people. I had to crawl on my belly to the edge of Horseshoe Bend to peek and I made my husband watch for people behind me. You are very brave.

  15. Traky boy
    Traky boy says:

    Well done 👍👍 girl!!!
    Zion is awesome… Angel is so cool.. took me and my sister longer than we thought but so worth it 😀😀. The narrows are a charm of it's own …

  16. xyloeye
    xyloeye says:

    Another great video, Catherine. Was this late October? We were there in mid September, 2018 and it was like going to Disneyland. Even the top of Angel's Landing was really crowded. We'd like to go back but maybe with a little more space between hikers. Thanks for the fantastic photography.

  17. P. Ndebt
    P. Ndebt says:

    AL was one of the best hikes I ever have done and it is great to see your vid of it. THXS, Stumbled onto this while doing research for a Sierra Nev. trip soon. Great shots straight down..love it.

  18. Mike Jones
    Mike Jones says:

    Great job on your video and hike! I was out there in August and got to hike the narrows which was awesome but you got me totally stoaked on the Angels landing hike! It looks super sketchy,but totally rewarding at the top. I’m heading out this coming year to spend a week out there and really get after all the amazing hikes this beautiful park has to offer. Keep up the great work thanks for sharing!

  19. Larry 306
    Larry 306 says:

    Thank you so much for this Catherine What an experience.. Glad you are OK. I'm what you call an avid walker.. Woods, Beaches and trails in any weather in my never ending search for peace and quiet.. Thank you..


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